Crash Discussion: Women’s Rites Part I: Heroines of Horror, Episode 11

PodcastimageIn Women’s Rites, Part I: Heroines of Horror, Billy Crash and Jonny Numb explore the treatment of female characters in the genre, from screamers and fainters who need to be saved by men, to women who can win the day on their own terms. Misogyny: be damned!

Next week’s Wicked Women, Part II not only focuses on the villain, but the ambiguous female characters of horror cinema.

Crash Discussion: If the Spirit Moves You: The Last Knock Looks at Ghost Stories

PodcastimageGhost stories are the top sub-genre of horror, and have been a part of storytelling for thousands of years and in all cultures. Why the fascination? Ghost films, from haunted houses to videotapes, will be explored from around our ghostly globe, along with our movie fascinations — or mistakes — of the week. Click down below for a list — and check us out on iTunes!

Crash Discussion: Are You Feeling Zombified?

PodcastimageBilly Crash and Jonny Numb explore the intense passion for zombie films and why we love them. Why do we care so much about the slow-moving (usually), imbecilic creatures? And why have there been so many movies made about them? Check in, listen, and leave us your thoughts.

Crash Discussion: Episode 6, Mad Scientist Movie Mayhem

PodcastimageFrom the 1930s to today, the mad scientist subgenre has captivated moviegoers, regardless of farfetched storytelling. Billy Crash and Jonny Numb explore the truly mad from the mundane, investigate the subgenres themes, and discuss why mad scientist films may make a big comeback.

Listen in, and leave us your review on iTunes!

Crash Discussion: Episode 4: Most Over-rated Horror Movies

PodcastimageIn “The Most Over-rated Horror Movies,” co-hosts Billy Crash and Jonny Numb dive into blasphemous territory, and knock some renowned horrors from their respective pedestals – with complete explanations, of course. Crash and Numb also ponder the unique horror conglomeration that is THE ABCs OF DEATH.

Crash Discussion: Episode 3, Horror Discomfort Foods

In “Horror Discomfort Food,” co-hosts Billy Crash and Jonny Numb explore their favorite “go to” horror movies, such as PRINCE OF DARKNESS, THE SHINING, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, THE THING, and much more. They also explore a common denominator as to why these horrors hold sway over their collective psyches…