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  1. Loved the show!. Have seen an interesting mix of horror the past week or so…some as research for the KID IN PLAY series. Excited to see you guys discussing bizarre greats like XTRO and VISITOR Q and KILL LIST. XTRO is going to end up in KID IN PLAY somewhere. Has to.

    Some recent goodies I’ve seen in the past week: ALYCE KILLS and COME OUT AND PLAY (both on Netflix Instant). Seen them? Thoughts?

    1. Glad you liked the show, Randy! We had a blast doing it.

      Hope to check out ALYCE KILLS and COME OUT AND PLAY – they’re both on my list.

      For a killer kid horror, check out the Irish film DARK TOUCH. Not perfect, but thematic, thought provoking, and unsettling.

      1. Sorry, Crash. Didn’t have much love for DARK TOUCH. I’ll revisit and see if it changes my mind. Wanted to say, I was glad you guys mentioned that the ending to XTRO was kind of sad. Because it is, strangely. And I think it’s part of the reason the movie works despite itself.

        Also, Jonny….One word regarding ICHI THE KILLER: Nipples! Remember me when you see it.

  2. Another great show guys! XTRO!!! Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve watched that. I believe I actually saw that movie in the theaters. I need to move closer to you guys so we can watch all of these funky flicks together. I’m up for an XTRO party!

    Sorry to hear you guys didn’t dig Haunter. I thought it was an above average (despite the genre / theme mish mash) thriller more than most of the scary drivel that’s been coming out. It isn’t perfect but I gave it a favorable review. Haven’t seen Kill List yet but I have it lined up to get to eventually.

    I have not seen all of Miike’s films. He’s a bit hot and cold for me so far but I do want to check out Gozu (mostly from curiosity) but VQ doesn’t sound like something I might seek out.

    Well, I really wanted to like Dark Touch but I felt it became so average and cliche. It did have mood and was great looking as far it’s locales and cinematography. I even liked the performances. I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was the narrative decisions. I just dunno.

    But anyway, gentleman, I always enjoy listening to you guys and this was another entertaining The Last Knock. Keep ’em coming!


    1. You’re too cool, Vic. Thanks so much for listening and sharing.

      I’m always surprised about what we bring to films as an audience, and how that film ultimately resonates within us. I love what we all see as “good” or “bad” in the overall execution of the movie.

      Yes, we have to all get together and watch a couple of movies. It would be a definite blast! And starting off with XTRO would be perfect!

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