Crash Discussions: Director of the Damned: Wes Craven

PodcastimageFrom THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT to the upcoming “Scream” television series, Wes Craven has resurrected the slasher genre almost single handedly – on more than one occasion. Learn about the man’s life and how his journey brings life to the characters and their dilemmas on screen. Just keep telling yourself: It’s only a podcast, it’s only a podcast…

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  1. Another great show guys! I also enjoyed “Silent House” even though they cheated in the cuts and smoothed it over so well that is was almost hard to notice. Olsen was quite good in it, agree.

    I added BBS with Toby Jones to my netflix list, Jonny, so I could check it out. Thanks! I have always been a fan of Craven’s and I liked that you went into his personal and film history and background somewhat. This part of the podcast was very interesting. I learned quite a bit from it. Good job, guys!

    I need to get through the Craven remake of The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes. I haven’t seen either because I’ma bit apprehensive of remakes but you guys have sparked an interest for me to watch those 2 entries.

    But Craven is such a great film-maker. I love Serpent and the Rainbow, The People Under the Stairs, ANOES, A New Nightmare and some others (I have sat through a few of his clunkers, like Deadly Blessing, just because it’s Craven). His horror and even his more mainstream thrillers like Red Eye are crafted really well and they are occasionally very under-stated, too. Dude has a great filmography that should be highly regarded and revered.

    Another kick ass show, gentlemen! Keep them coming!

    – Vic

    1. Thank you so much, Vic! You just reminded me to add NEW NIGHTMARE to my queue. Craven has definitely hit on the right notes at the right times to make an impact.

      “Understated” is the perfect word for the bulk of Craven’s work – and that’s why most of his movies resonate so damn well.

      Have a great one, buddy!

      1. Yeah, I heard that you did not get to watch ANN. It’s back to basics and to what worked in the first Craven entry. I think you’ll dig it, Bill.

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend! TTYS!

        1. I’m looking forward to the Freddy spectacle – as long as Netflix sends discs that have not been shattered in the mail. I’ve received one dozen broken discs out of the last fourteen…

          Have a great week, Vic!

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