Crash Discussions: Battle for BYZANTIUM!

PodcastimageBilly Crash and Jonny Numb square off in a steel cage death match: Jonny loves Neil Jordan’s 2012 vampire opus BYZANTIUM, and Billy’s enraged by the spectacle. Find out why the movie works, why it fails, and which one of the cast members to keep an eye on… Plus, why you shouldn’t open the door to ROOM 237 and why the CHILDREN OF THE CORN franchise should have stopped at number two.

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4 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Battle for BYZANTIUM!”

  1. Another great show, guys! Thanks for the shout out, by the way! Much appreciated. I’m glad you guys covered Room 237 (I’m a big fan of Kubrick’s film) because I wanted to watch it but had come across some very funky reviews about the zany and off the wall theories and observations regarding The Shining. I think I’ll pass on what sounds like a pure shit-fest. Off my Netflix queue it goes!

    So, Children of the Corn. Ugh. That franchise grew into one big ugly baby, didn’t it? Well, moving on…Byzantium. I liked it. I gave it a very good review. It has great mood, photography, music and the setting was amazing. Great performances from all, too. Jordan’s film is subtle, low key and beautiful to look at.

    I also enjoyed the unique mythology of the vampire story with the celtic / pagan spin on it. The back story involving the cabal and the flashbacks were pretty cool, imo. Sorry you didn’t dig it, Billy. But your point about when the movie takes and that it should have stayed in the past was a valid observation for sure.

    I felt the movie was quite mature as well and it was refreshing. I like that you likened it to some Hammer films. The characters never changing and always brooding is another good point, Billy. I totally understand that and agree in hindsight. I never thought to look at it that way. Oh and Jones was in X Men First Class as Banshee, by the way.

    Anyway, guys, great show and keep them coming. I had a blast listening!

    1. Thanks so much, Vic! I seem to be alone on BYZANTIUM and that’s fine with me. Believe me when I say I wanted to like it. But, alas.

      And I’m glad you’re staying away from ROOM 237. I still can’t believe the hype over that one.

      I gave up on Marvel movies since they’re too corny and cater to kids instead of the diehard comic book readers. (Though I watched CAPTAIN AMERICA and loved it.) I’ll check out X-MEN FIRST CLASS for certain.

      You rock, Vic! Be well and enjoy!

      1. Cap was great! I liked it very much. I was just watching it last night on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed with X Men First Class. Very well done.

        I have been ok, for the most part, with most of the Marvel flicks. I thought Thor was a bit weak but I enjoyed the hell out the Iron Man movies and The Avengers. Also, really liked The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton.

        I just watched a few horror flicks for review. One was Dark Touch. Others were Germ, The Underneath and Open Grave. I’ll be posting them in the next week or so. Oh and I started an action flick called The Tower on Netflix. I dig what I’ve seen so far.

        Once again, great job on the podcast! Take care, guys!


        1. I made the mistake of watching IRONMAN after THE DARK KNIGHT, which couldn’t compare. I have yet to see the rest in the IRONMAN franchise. I should get to THOR and THE AVENGERS soon.

          I look forward to those reviews, Vic! I haven’t seen any of those horrors, and I know you’ll tell me if they’re worth my while.

          Be well!


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