Crash Discussions: Bad to the Best of 2013’s Horrors

PodcastimageIt was a far from spectacular year for horror in 2013, but there were some standouts. Besides looking at the treasures, Billy and Jonny dive deep into the trash. Better still, we discuss those movies that received far too much praise and gave new meaning to “overhype.” Get ready to learn things you didn’t know about CARRIE, WORLD WAR Z, and THE CONJURING. And add lesser known independent features like FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY, DARK SKIES, JUG FACE, and many more, to your watch list for the New Year.

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2 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Bad to the Best of 2013’s Horrors”

  1. Great podcast, guys! Very entertaining and in depth. You guys went over a bunch of flicks and I was pretty much on board with most of the stuff about the content you covered. I was surprised by Carrie as a best horror of 2013! Makes me very stoked to see it. Glad you guys gave love to Jug Face of course. That movie ruled. I dig listening to you guys discuss movies. Good job! Oh and I loved Jonny’s Insidious 2 anecdote. Pretty comical. Keep up the great work, guys. Looking forward to your next show!

    1. Vic: You rock – hard. Thanks so much for the support and feedback! And if there’s anything you think we should cover, just let us know. We’ll be on it, and you’ll get the praise. Have a fantastic horror-filled New Year!

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