Crash Discussions: Macabre Milestone: THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (UK, 1973)

PodcastimageBilly Crash and Jonny Numb pay a visit to the Balasco House to synthesize the dark goings-on in the horror classic THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (UK, 1973), from Director John Hough and writer extraordinaire, the late, great Richard Matheson. Your co-hosts explore the acting, themes, music, Mayhem, and More, that make this one of horror’s greatest haunted house films of all time.

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3 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Macabre Milestone: THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (UK, 1973)”

  1. Great show, guys! My first time listening. I am a big fan of TLOHH and it was very cool listening to you guys give it props and kudos for sharing the love for Matheson. He will be sorely missed. Nice job! You have a new listener!

    1. You’re too cool, Vic! Thank you so much. If there’s anything you’d like Jonny and I to cover on THE LAST KNOCK, just let us know.

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