Crash Reports: My 1,600th Horror

Okay, this one actually happened about two weeks ago when I watched Stuart Gordon’s WikipedPitTHE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1991), starring Lance Henriksen, Jeffrey Combs, and Oliver Reed. I appreciated the story, Henriksen’s imploding character in one hardcore performance, Combs’s understated yet poignant delivery of someone following orders, and the truths surrounding witch burning in Europe (paying off Executioners to be strangled before dying in fire, or being burned because a woman was a midwife).

Otherwise, the best in that last one hundred turned out to be Brandon Cronenberg’s atmospheric and intriguing ANTIVIRAL (Canada, 2012). A definite must see for those horror fans who prefer fine wine over unfiltered wood alcohol. Sadly, once again, I had to slosh through a lot of damn garbage to find that one grand elixir.

But there is hope. David Paul Baker is filming a horror right now. The director’s commitment to a quality production never ceases to amaze (you can find out more at Oklahoma Ward will soon release CRAWL BITCH CRAWL to the world, and I have no doubt it will live up to its amazing trailer. Hell, the trailer alone is worth salivating over: It’s clear, just like Baker, that Ward knows what the hell he’s doing in regard to cinematography, as well as creating atmosphere and suspense as he gets the best from his actors. And though it will take a while, you can follow the campaign for Z*CON, by another great filmmaker, Michael Dougherty, at – where your donation to the movie making cause actually benefits charity.

I salute every independent filmmaker busting their ass to make a movie, but please do your damnedest to deliver something of quality. Take pride in your work. We have enough drek to contend with. Thankfully, people like Baker, Ward, Dougherty, and others, are out there taking their time to do it right.

I hope you follow those who raise the bar.

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