5 Replies to “Crash Discussions: Where Are the Werewolves?”

  1. There was a lot of talk in this episode about the lack of popularity of the werewolf due to its ugliness and lack of control and that the werewolf does not have much of a future. While I think this would have been true 5-10 year ago, I believe we are in the midst of a werewolf renaissance and will be seeing more of it in the future. First, let’s talk Twilight. Yes, you guys hate it. So do I. But the reality is that this is the new horror that is being embraced by the next generation of horror fans, particularly women. Gone is the ugliness and lack of control of the traditional werewolf, and what we now have is a young, attractive werewolf who can change at will, accepts what he is and uses his powers to protect those he loves. We see the same thing in True Blood. And I think we will be seeing more of the rugged “knight in shining armor” werewolf in the future because this sort of male character appeals to women who still embrace traditional gender roles – the sort of women who love the idea of having a big, strong man to “protect” them. We may sigh and shake our heads, but this sort of mentality is still prevalent. Be prepared for more.

    1. Lizard, you’re making me cry.

      Although your logic is sound, especially due to the rise of YA horror series, I certainly hope R-ratings and rough edges reign supreme.

      1. If it’s any consolation, for every movement there is a countermovement. I think washed-up, romantic horror stories will continue reign supreme (for a time), but the true horror fans will continue to put out darker, scarier, gorier horror flicks to reclaim the creatures that the mainstream has bastardized. True horror will never die.

        1. Hear, hear! Next round at The Slaughtered Lamb is on me!

          Good call on TRUE BLOOD, Lizard. While I am not a fan of that show (though I may give it another whirl – some actresses I like crop up in later seasons), it falls in line with the paradox you mentioned: the traditional movie monster (vampire; werewolf) set against a soap-opera backdrop, fused with sex and ultra-violence. In some ways, it’s like TWILIGHT gone over to the Dark Side.

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