Crash Discussion: All About American Mary (Even Though She’s Canadian)

PodcastimageBilly Crash and Jonny Numb explore the sophomore feature effort, American Mary, from the Twisted Twins. Story, character, and theme are explored, as well as Katharine Isabelle‘s lead performance. Additionally, why are “good” horrors considered to be “phenomenal” by many horror fans, and what does this say about expectations from the genre?

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  1. Hey guys. First time caller, long time listener (ha). I figure since I am taking the time to listen to this blog (and, yes, I am WAY behind), I might as well throw in my two cents here and there. I’ve had American Mary in my Netflix queue for a while now, and I decided to finally watch it prior listening to your review. Strangely enough, I mostly agree with what was said. Do not expect this to happen often. (Particularly you, Crash. We will be having words before I’m done with this blog.)
    I just wanted to add two thoughts to the discussion. First, the question was posed as to why the movie is called American Mary when it’s an all Canadian production. Keep in mind that Canada is a part of North *America*. The movie isn’t called USA Mary. The directors may have simply wanted to keep the location vague as the movie could have easily taken place anywhere in the US or Canada.
    Second, according to the bio of the Soska twins on IMDB, American Mary is an “analogy of their own struggles in the film industry”. I certainly didn’t get that impression when I watched the movie, but I thought I’d throw that little nugget of information out there to ponder.

    1. Hi, Lizard!

      Thanks for writing.

      Excellent comment about the AMERICAN MARY title – and you’re right. I know we’re all Americans from South, to Central and then to North, but I still couldn’t understand the title choice. I have a feeling if BLOODY MARY hadn’t been taken, they would have used that instead.

      As for the Soska’s making the movie based on their struggles, I didn’t get that either from the film, but thanks for the information.

      Glad you like the show and look forward to reading more, regardless.

      Have a good one,


    2. Lizard/Crash:

      In regard to the second comment, I can see the analogy in Mary’s struggles to make ends meet as a student, and her rise to the “top” of the underground body-mod biz (which would essentially be the aboveground, but you know what I mean). And it could be stretched a little further (because I like to stretch things) in the distorted, surgically-altered characters representing the plasticity and surface interests of the film industry (Hollywood all but perpetuates the sparkling lie of physical and aesthetic perfection through make-believe).

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