Crash Reports: Crash Palace Productions Presents – The Last Knock

This is only a test.

If this had been a real podcast…     the-day-movie-poster-11

Jonny Numb (@JonnyNumb), who provided the excellent guest review of this year’s THE  EVIL DEAD (just scroll down a bit to see his piece), and I have conspired to bring you a horror blog, The Last Knock.

I know, I know, there are many podcasts out there, and several with a horror focus. And I could go all boot camp and say, in a paraphrasing way, “There are many podcasts, but this one is mine,” but Jonny and I have a plan.

See, we love the horror genre. Love it. But this doesn’t mean we sell our souls to indulge in every movie that comes along. Like many fans, we’re searching through the milieu to find those awesome cinematic features that raise the bar for the genre. After all, horror is not well respected in critical circles. Like science fiction and fantasy, horror never received the blessing from those who find merit in drama and highbrow comedy. It’s not that Jonny and I are out to prove how intelligent and mesmerizing horror can be, but we hope to dig a bit deeper to unmask its true value from those films that deliver far more than gross outs and gratuitous nudity.

Therefore, we dove right in and put together a thirty minute podcast. Sure, it’s rough around the edges, but remember, this is a test. Even so, we decided to share it with everyone.

We’ll definitely be back in two weeks (Sunday, June 2) to bring you something new – and improved.

The show won’t simply be a Siskel and Ebert format, although we did discuss 2011’s THE DAY (use the search to see the review on this site), we will explore many facets of the genre, yet review films on occasion. As we move forward, we’ll have guests and much more. Regardless, we hope to entertain, and provide food for thought – but we’re hungry too, so feel free to chime in at your leisure.

Here’s the link to our test broadcast:

Tune in and enjoy.

(Photo from Beyond Hollywood.)

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