Crash Analysis: THE LODGE (2008)


Bad vacation choice for a couple at a lodge who face off against a killer.

Cliché ridden and hackneyed, we’ve seen this story one time too many. Worst still, we see the same lame story elements that have made audiences groan in utter dismay for decades. For example, you get a jump on the killer. You hit him. He goes down. You run away. Why characters in these dumb horrors don’t go balls to the wall to save themselves is beyond logic. Oh, and if you see the car keys through a glass door and the door’s locked, why not just break the damn window and get them?

This film had too many “ugh” moments like the aforementioned. And with common sense out the window, the rest doesn’t really matter.

I can’t remember rolling my eyes this much since I listened to a drunken instructor try to teach Shakespeare.

And the half-star goes to Elizabeth Kell for crying on a dime, and because Mandi Kreisher played a very creepy kid. The child’s name in the movie was Desi, so think “dizzy” and you get the idea. However, even with these elements this isn’t worth an inquisitive look.

0.5 out of 5 stars

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