Crash Analysis: FINAL DESTINATION 5 (2011)

The best in the series?

People avoid a major disaster – but they can’t cheat death for long…

Though originally a 3D venture, which is obvious thanks to that annoying “in your face” camera angle, and sometimes shoddy looking special effects, this the first of the movies to hold my interest throughout.

Granted, it’s over-the-top and corny to a degree, but the characters are a bit stronger as well as the suspense. Director Steven Quale did a solid job in making certain tension was maintained throughout, and for not allowing the audience to catch their breath.

Definitely not as silly as the other installments, this one definitely had its surprises. Although I wasn’t jolted by the scares, I was entertained and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. However, the scariest part may be how much actor Miles Fisher resembles a young Tom Cruise.

The original FINAL DESTINATION (2001) had one of the strongest and most un-nerving first acts I’ve seen in a horror, but the final two acts were ludicrous and destroyed any true sense of fear and trauma. This latest installment is what it is from the very beginning and continues on a wild ride of gore and horror, thanks to the steady writing hand of Eric Heisserer.

For a great horror romp, this makes for a solid rental that should leave you cringing.

3 out of 5 stars

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