Crash Analysis: I CAN SEE YOU (2008)


A photoshoot in the woods leads to surreality.

As with any movie, the number one element has to be story above all else. Sadly, I CAN SEE YOU just didn’t have it. What little story there was did nothing to excite the senses. Furthermore, the narrative as well as one too many scenes were completely drawn out and laborious by writer/director Graham Reznik (this is the first feature in which he directed).

Although Larry Fessenden shined as Mickey Hauser, there was little to feel for any of the characters. That lack of connection between audience and character did not leave much in regard of emotional attachment. And if the audience doesn’t care about those who inhabit the film then there is no need to care about the movie at all.

Dramatic horrors can be wonderful, strong and engaging (THE SHINING, ROSEMARY’S BABY and THE ORPHANAGE for example), but this debacle never generated enough tension or suspense to draw the audience in at all.

Only rent this one if you require a sleep aide.

1/2 out of 5 stars

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