THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hodgepodge of Horror X

The Last KnockYes, it’s Hodgepodge of Horror X! No, not soft porn, silly head. It’s our longest running series  where we take a look at various horror film from the most recent to that old black-and-white stuff!

And on Hodgepodge of Horror X, we’re going to talk about… Well, we’re not going to tell. Listen in, be surprised, and enjoy the show. Hell, keep a list, watch the movie, and let us know what you think right here at Crash Palace.

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9 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hodgepodge of Horror X”

  1. Jonny, right you are, sir! THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is fricken’ fine! The little girl killz it. Amber and I went into this one with no advance information, and what a ride. I recall saying to Amber,”WTH!” when it first started. It was creepy from the first scenes, and as it unfolded, the usual tired and vapor-thin zombie plot took on an entirely different twist. I’d give it a 4 or maybe even a 4.5. It rocked hard.
    The great Greg Palko kept tellig me to watch GREASY STRANGLER and since he and Amber like you guys are “bullshit artists”, we finally took Palko’s advice and watched GS. Amber summed this one up perfectly in one sentense. She said, “GREASY STRANGLER does for car washes what JAWS did for surfers!”
    CUP OF MY BLOOD has been duly queued because it sounded like my cup of warm A+ or negative.
    Jonny, right you are again, sir! I told you about LIFE on our show toigether, I think, but hey, I’m an old saltine and wrong more often these days.
    Billy, right you are, sir! HOWL is all that and more. A pretty much miserable group of travelers on a late train sets the stage for an unscheduled wolfy treats stop along the way. Excellent character development, terror, special e ffects, and suspense. I’ve told dozens of folks to watch this one.
    Xellent show that as usual finds me adding a few more films to my must see… as well as must miss lists!

    1. Thanks for the listen and the commentary!

      Since we did the show, I finally watched THE GREASY STRANGLER, and I can’t get it out of my head!!! Amber’s remark about the movie is rock solid perfect.

      1. Bill, be careful, make it pass as quickly as you can because it’ll clog the arteries to your heart and mind. Palko @palkodesigns strikes again!
        As afterthoughts, if you get the chance to catch DARK TOWER… don’t, and I took your advice and watched SIREN. I wish it had had a better budget. It could have been rather special.

    2. Yep, TGwAtG was a solid 4 from where I was sitting. Glad I didn’t know much about it prior to watching, and picked up the Blu-ray just days after the Netflix put me under its spell.

      As for THE GREASY STRANGLER…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now I have “hootie tootie, disco cutie” going through my head on repeat. Dammit.

      And I gave LIFE another spin a few days ago, and liked it a little better. Being able to watch it on Blu-ray with subtitles on full blast helped me make out some of the dialog I missed during my theatrical viewing. The intensity of the scenes still holds up, even on the small screen. (And you’re no old saltine, Ron – you’re sharp cheddar, because we did indeed talk about LIFE on your show!)

  2. Another fun show that helps me choose which films to avoid like the plague and which to raise up in my Netflix queue. I appreciate the analysis to go with the opinions, it saves me from watching the bad ones and to understand why.

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