THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast presents: ALIEN: COVENANT

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Director Ridley Scott returns with Alien: Covenant, another sci-fi/horror cog in the cosmos. We take a look at the latest installment of the Alien franchise to see if it’s worth another trip into outer space. We not only delve into Alien: Covenant and its value, but focus on Scott, as well as the movie’s writing, mythos, and its thematic resonance,  and if it’s worth rushing out for the next sequel. In space, no one can hear you scream, and no one can hear 20th Century Fox laugh all away to the bank…

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7 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast presents: ALIEN: COVENANT”

  1. INDEED! GET OUTta here ALIEN COVENANT!! I can’t decide or whether I’ve been Ridley’ed or short-Scott-sheeted.
    Regardless, I could not agree more with you guys on this one. Bill’s rating seems closer to my own, minus half a star.
    One of the most disturbing aspects of this one was the cheap ending where they’ve set the table for the next disappointment… ALIENS of COVENANT where the settlers are ravaged by those silly ass ALIEN facehugger eggs. The regurgatation of the eggs by the evil android was beyond repitilian ludicrous.
    Was it just me or did the introduction of the true Alien(s) seem like a complete afterhtought to anyone else. They were dispatched so incredibly easy and quickly. The shower scene was totally gratuitous and cliche, and it failed miserably at suspense, falling into an exploding “who gives a rat’s hairy butt” category. character
    The female character, third in charge, was all wrong. She had about as much Ripley in her as the out the back embryo whatever creature had to a bonifide ALIEN. In short, the new creature featured seemed like a HELLRAISER Centibite rather than being worthy of such ALIEN fare.
    Also, since when did the gestation period for a legit ALIEN pup go from days to minutes or seconds? So much potential drama was wasted here. Skip about 2/3 of the silly dialogue instead.
    I’d suggest those who haven’t seen this one wait for the DVD then still not watch it. It has very little to do about ALIEN and more about explaining PROMETHEUS in a ridiculous and unbelievable fashion because who cares anyway.
    Pardon me, my priest is at the door, and hopefully, he’ll be successful in exorcising this abomination from within my psyche.

    1. Ron, your comment crushed it on every level. You’re so right about the lack of suspense, the short gestation periods – and that shower scene was so damn stupid, I had blocked it from my memory.

      At least we’ll always have the original!

    2. Great comment, Ron – while I appreciated the film for its return to the brash, blue-collar mentality that made ALIEN great, it was so maddeningly inconsistent. Any movie that aspires to a greater spiritual/philosophical conversation should at least leave you with some memorable characters and non-didactic dialog. I actually liked the shower scene as a bit of logic-defying, WTF nonsense that served no real narrative/character end (“We’re safe!”; “Let’s fuck!”), maybe because it had the scuzzy, unabashed feel of an ’80s slasher flick.

      In addition to a palate-cleanser courtesy of Scott’s original 1979 triumph, I will also defer to Leslie Nielsen and Julie Hagerty (whose face says it all) in AIRPLANE!

      1. Jon, it was obvious this shake and bake community would be a bust due to all of the ‘happy’ couples running the Greyhound service to New Eden.
        If only the shower scene in AC could have been as spontaneouly shocking as the Docs demise after playing house with the shaven Ripley in Alien III. Now, this scene was totally unexpected, disturbing, and devastating in its finality. It never pays to doodle with the Alien’s Ripley!
        In AC, the shower scene of nasty should have been extended a bit, giving the viewers a little more time to enjoy the living-loving before the Alien dispatched them… maybe Aliens loathe lovers and couples in general. I don’t recall any of the Prometheus giants enjoying marital or pre-marital coitus. Hell, even Kenny Powers was hooked-up!
        How many eggs can that bird lay?
        I see Newt returning in the near future… tell Billy, affirmative!

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