THE LAST KNOCK presents: Terror Technology

The Last KnockWithout technology, the western world would be living as if in the Dark Ages. To imagine life without a microwave, a personal computer, or a cell phone would make many souls break down in tears. However, if horror cinema has taught us anything, it’s that the things we love to cling to for ease or safety are illusions – and can be used against us at any time.

So join Billy and Jonny as they look at terror technology from Nightmare Weekend and Unfriended to Chopping Mall and Hardware – and other Frankensteinian like creations from metal, plastic, and such. Now, pat the top of your computer, treat your car to some air freshener, and don’t you dare turn your back on your wide screen television, and listen in…

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13 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Terror Technology”

  1. Very interesting show and especially since Iggy Pop and Yosemite Sam were special cameo guests.
    We’re all slaves to technology.
    One movie that came to mind that’s possibly one of those quasi-lost-tapes things with technology as a tag team member of the Murdering Antagonists is MEGAN IS MISSING. Through the use of state-of-art technology, two young girls go missing. The barbaric, brutal actions of the killer are about as far removed from technology as you can get while grieving parents, investigators, and friends embrace the very technology to try to bring the girls home, safe and sound. This cautionary tale is almost as impacrful as MARTYRS, IMHO.
    CHRISTINE… what a rotten lemon, assembly-lined before the full impact of the Lemon Laws I’d suspect!

    1. Oh, great call with the ultra-disturbing MEGAN IS MISSING. What a found footage horror show.

      CHRISTINE reminds me of a woman I know: Gorgeous on the outside, rotten on the inside!

      Thanks so much for listening in, my friend!

    2. Since you mentioned it, Ron, no two characters seem further removed from technology than Yosemite Sam and Iggy Pop. Maybe it was a bit of irony that Richard Stanley cast the latter as the DJ in HARDWARE.

      Even though I hated MEGAN IS MISSING, you make an extremely good argument for its inclusion here. I think Billy and I need to do a show where we duke it out over that one…

        1. I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about MEGAN IS MISSING. Jon, if you hated it, that’s alright, to each his or her own.
          BTW, Ambo and I watched a much improved (in quality) streaming of THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER and it refuses the exorcism demanding it leave my mind. I’d like to hear your interpretations of the last scenes from the return to the basement to the final shot. It is a remarkable film in so many ways.

          1. Looks like Jonny and I are going to duke it out over MEGAN IS MISSING at some point. I’m in training now…

          2. Thanks, Ron – glad you enjoyed the better-quality version of THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER – Billy and I could probably do a whole show attempting to unravel the closing threads of that one.

    1. It goes by both titles, Bill. I’d love that on DVD – from the Criterion Collection!

      Thanks so much for listening, my friend!

    2. Thanks, Bill – in listening to that intro again, I’m thinking more Yosemite Sam than Iggy Pop. :-/

      NIGHTMARE WEEKEND is…something else. There are also nods to PHANTASM in some of the imagery. The Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray has 2 interviews with American crew members who tell some pretty amusing tales.

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