THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Maria Olsen

The Last Knock

Maria Olsen¬†is back! You’ve seen her in Southbound, the Paranormal Activity franchise, Starry Eyes, The Bunnyman, Dead Game, and so much more! The phenomenal actress and producer, who steals the screen at every turn, now has 28 feature film projects in various stages of completion. Wow! ¬†Join Billy Crash as he sits down with Maria Olsen in her fourth THE LAST KNOCK appearance. They discuss her projects, what’s on the horizon, and how she found her way back into horror cinema after a hiatus. Don’t miss one of the horror genre’s favorites, who has over 160 film and television credits – and Maria Olsen is not stopping there!

You can find Maria Olsen on Twitter and don’t miss her tremendous body of work on IMDb.

(Photo from Cinehouseuk.)

2 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Maria Olsen”

  1. It’s amazing how many films my daughter and I have enjoyed with Maria Olsen in them! It was such a treat listening to her on your show, Bill. Like you, I have a long list of new ones to look forward to.
    I tend to agree with Bill about THE LORDS OF SALEM. It had such a great cast. Rob Zombie seems to always make it a point to include excellent actors from years gone by, like Dee Wallace and even Andrew Prine. Mr. Prine is a most interesting character. Google him and read about a notorious crime in Hollywood from many years ago. Unfortunately, for a time, he had a supposed “leading role” in the inveestigation.
    Great show Maria Olsen and Billy Crash!

    1. Thanks so much, Ron!

      Maria’s always fabulous – and she’ll definitely be on again!

      I know about Prine and that investigation. I think Jonny and I talked about it at one point. Then again, we’ve done so many shows, who the hell knows!

      Maria’s definitely fantastic and it’s great to see her in so many great movies.

      Oh, and I watched LORDS OF SALEM again the other night, and I still love it like mad. Meg Foster rocked it!

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