THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Kent Harper

The Last Knock

Kent Harper‘s no slouch: He has six features on the way, and besides acting, he’s also a writer, producer, and director. Thankfully, he was able to take a break from his day to talk about his approach to acting, film, and life in general, as well as his experiences on the set of Surveillance, which he co-wrote with Jennifer Lynch. Horror fans may often see Kent Harper as a formidable force on-screen, but he’s so much more than that. Learn about the mind behind the man, and what’s up with his forthcoming films: Villainous, Deterioration, and A Blast of Sunlight Explodes.

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(Photo from Kent Harper.)

8 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Kent Harper”

  1. Brilliant interview, Bill. I was expecting some anecdotes from the set of SURVEILLANCE (which I think is one of the most unique genre films of the 2000s), but got so much more – listening to Mr. Harper was like hearing the thoughts I’ve had on existentialism and the human condition brought to articulate life. The lack of shallowness, pretension, and delusions of grandeur was refreshing, and I was transfixed for the duration. Looking forward to whatever Mr. Harper brings us next!

    1. Wow. I could never say it near as well as Jonny said it, so I will simply say “what Jonny said”. Very insightful and enjoyable interview that made for a great listen. Bravo, Bill!

    2. Thank you so very much, Jonny, but it was all Kent. Like you, I listened in and went along for the ride – and felt much better about the world because of him.

  2. Great interview, and despite his successes, Mr. Harper still feels like “one of us.” Stay strong, brother.

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