THE LAST KNOCK presents: Thespians of Terror: Bill Paxton

The Last Knock

A few weeks ago, we lost the wonderful Bill Paxton to complications from a stroke. The actor, director, musician, and family man, left behind a legacy of great films and cool performances from Near Dark to the incredible film, Frailty. Join us on a cinematic journey celebrating the work of the man who made “Game over!” one helluva catch phrase.

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Let us know about your favorite Bill Paxton memories!

3 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Thespians of Terror: Bill Paxton”

  1. Billy Crash, thanks for the SCREAM OUT.
    Bill Paxton was always a joy to watch. In some ways, he played the same character or close to the same one in many of his appearances. FRAILTY is one of the exceptions to this. It was an excellent film with a very good cast. Mathew McConaughey and Powers Boothe (TOMBSTONE also with Bill Paxton) were great.
    TWISTER blew chunks, as well as Dorothy, livestock, and cycling Wicked Witch of the West of Oz..
    ALIENS was made so much better with Paxton in it, and unlike Billy Crash, I do not have a low opinion of it. Y’all used tons of great lines from ALIENS.
    PREDATORS was hugely disappointing in an unbelievable semi-futuristic way. But all ALIEN(S) and PREDATOR(S) films are well worth the fluffy thunder maze and fattening fructose libation in homage to the gods of the big screen.
    Neat, yet sad, show. Bill Paxton is already missed.

    1. Ron, that ALIENS poster looks amazing. And yes, I quote the movie a lot because I want to love it, but the flaws are far too immense for me to ignore.

      You’re right that Paxton seemed to deliver the same performance time and again, however, he was darker and cavalier in NEAR DARK, and his acting in A SIMPLE PLAN set the stage for his role in FRAILTY.

      It’s damn sad he’s gone because I never saw him without a smile in any photo off set.

      Be well, my friend, and WRITE ON!

    2. Sorry, Ron! I thought I had replied to this. Now, I can’t believe Powers is gone as well. Damn.

      I hope to see ALIEN: COVENANT on Monday, and Jonny and I will do a review…

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