THE LAST KNOCK presents: GET OUT (2017)

The Last Knock

Get Out has captured the minds of many, and even non-horror fans are discussing the themes and message of Jordan Peele’s debut as writer/director. We’ll take a look at the entire film, which means one big time spoiler alert looms on the horizon. Has Get Out lived up to the hype? Maybe it has, maybe it’s one of the most socially conscientious films ever in the horror genre – or maybe it’s just another movie. Check in, listen to our break down of themes, imagery, and so much more, and find out for yourself…

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6 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: GET OUT (2017)”

  1. With all due respect, love, and I COME IN PEACE, humbly and BLAH humbugily, I beg to differ. In this paying customer’s opinion, the film was intellectually insulting, racially degrading, light years beyond hackneyed or cliched from stim to sternum, and toss in ludicrous for bad taste and the silly STEPFORD WIVES meets DOCTORS FRANKENRACIST plot.
    Like revenge and Vichyssoise, social commentary mingled within horror is best served cold. As if we aren’t already inundated and bludgeoned enough with social commentary in literature, advertising, social media, films, television, magazines, and blah, blah, blah. I demand a new rating of SC, warning the battle weary such as myself that the film contains Social Commentary. The Oscars clan may take heed if they knew in advance a horror film was marinated in it.
    Sorry guys, I couldn’t make it past 30 minutes of this one.
    Some people have no understanding or comprehension of what life is like, living among those being flown over and especially in the south. It’s a hell of an existence, spending one’s lifetime tied to the whipping post for no other reason than the same thing that’s so important in real estate… location, location, location. Like wages, guilt and shame are earned.
    Rather than being impressed with the film, I was saddened by it, but then again, the popcorn was excellent.
    Did I hear laughter at the mention of my poetry? Maybe it is laughable in a backwards social commentary sort of way.
    Billy, thanks for the LAUGH OUT!

    1. Ron, I accept and respect your view, as always. As for laughing at your poetry, I think Jonny was simply laughing because he knows how damn cool you are. As always, the way you speak and tell tales gets one’s blood pumping in the best possible way, and this means your poetry is both valid and poignant, otherwise, I never would have commented in a positive manner.

      I can’t explain in this public venue why the film spoke to me on such an emotional level, but we can definitely chat on the phone, my friend.

      Like many hate THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, both films spoke to me on a base level because of the life experiences I brought to the screen. I’ll actually reveal the latter in a “Horror Therapy” video for Bleeding Critic.

      You rock, buddy, and I’m glad this film, whether good or bad to viewers, at least has people talking about it, because few horrors do.

      1. Bill, you’re a scholar and a gentleman. I need to lighten up lest I protest too much. I’ve decided to reclaim that one… ill-timed and best pocketed for a different place.

        1. Ron, you are a most excellent soul on all levels.

          As for “I need to lighten up lest I protest too much” – we all have to, my friend.

          Don’t worry about a thing, buddy.

          Write on!

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