THE LAST KNOCK presents: XX (2017)

The Last Knock

The guys sit down with writer and author Thomas S. Flowers to discuss the all-women writers and directors of the horror anthology, XX. The trio looks at story, theme, and element of maternal tales that permeate this foursome of short films. Learn what worked, what didn’t, and why we’re hoping for XX part two.

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You can find Thomas S. Flowers on his website,, on Twitter, and on Amazon.

9 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: XX (2017)”

  1. Jon, I’d suggest two things, when the next one follows XX. Firstly, that they refrain from entitling it XXX. Nextly, that the ladies possibly, tag-in a rare, hungry, young-gun, up-and-coming, lowercase y chromosome to add to XXy2
    Solely as a shadetree/imbecile horror fan who’s often critical to a fault about the current horror fare making its way deep and hard into my film-fix budget and to the big screen, I will catch this one sooner or later. Maybe, once it hits more theaters or tumbles to the cable On Demand thing. Unless, of course, my daughter doesn’t get too much of a scent of it like she did GET OUT, sheesh! Talking about a great divide between horror or film critics and fans, this one is a classic example. I must admit it is refeshing to be only a fan with the freedom to call apples, apples and Rotten Tomatoes, rotten tomatoes. Last evening while watching GET OUT with you know who, I felt a lot like John Coffey (like coffee, ma’am, only not spelt da same) as he was being led into the room to be executed, feeling a ton of angst in the room from some catching the flciker film with us. The man playing the TSA character was incredible. He alone was worth the price of admission… good thing, too.
    Excellent show you guys with Thomas S. Flowers classing-up the joint, box, dinner table, or playhouse.

    1. Ron, thanks so much for the excellent comments – as always – and for the classic shot of Maila Nurmi.

      I hope you and Amber get a chance to watch a decent horror soon. And if I may, I was impressed with HOWL from the UK. Not perfect, but entertaining and a cool ride. I recommend watching this as a double feature with TRAIN TO BUSAN to keep that train rollin’ on…

          1. Exactly. I was upset he didn’t have a bigger part in HOWL. Pertwee’s one of my favorite actors.

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