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John Erick Dowdle’s The Poughkeepsie Tapes is one of horror filmdom’s “Unholy Grails” and a snipe hunt rolled into one. On its ten-year anniversary, we take a look at the film that came with a trailer but an ultra-limited release before being pulled from theaters. The only way to get feature is as a bootleg. So what’s this mockumentary about, and is it worth purchasing illegally until the Dowdle brothers give us a legitimate release? We’ll have some answers – and we invite John and Drew to come on the show and tell us why in Hell The Poughkeepsie Tapes is in distribution purgatory.

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7 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES (2007)”

  1. I enjoyed the show on THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES. I actually watched it months ago after you had mentioned it on a previous podcast.
    I understand the desire to find a legitimate DVD of it, but currently, it’s all over YouTube. While listening to your show, I thought it might still be available at YouTube. So, I popped over and searched. There were quite a few choices at YT to watch the full film free.
    It was an extremely creepy film that has me wanting a second viewing, and that alone tends to vex me. It’s a very disturbing film.
    Thanks for the SCREAM OUT, Billy Crash!

    1. Thanks, Ron!

      It is disturbing, but I still can’t fathom why there’s no official release. They’d make a ton of money, that’s for sure.

      Be well, my friend!

      1. Totally, Bill.
        I also wanted to comment on CLOVERFIELD. I’m in your camp on that one. It satisfied my SciFi and horror cravings. It was possibly realistic to a fault within the found footage sub-genre with all the hurl-inducing quirky, jerky camera movements. I also liked the fact none of the principle characters lived to film another day.

  2. Paul, thanks so much for the information and killer comments.

    And your “The 2000s: Horror’s Best Decade Part 2” is a blast!

    You rock, my friend.

  3. Terrific show about an intriguing movie. I’d never heard of it until this show, but now I will take Ron’s excellent suggestion and check it out on YouTube. I was unsure my stance regarding the bootleg issue, but I feel (in this case anyway) that should “PT” become available legitimately, we will all go get ourselves a copy, so watching a bootleg or on YT will increase interest and satiate our curiosity in the meantime.
    On a side note, loved hearing the word “great” used before my name in my ScreamOut. I only usually hear that when I speak of myself in the third person, so that was a wonderful change of pace.
    Again, a very intriguing and entertaining discussion, broadening my horror horizons yet again!

  4. Thanks for the clarification on “dismemberment expert,” Paul – we should have had you on this show!

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