Crash Analysis: PSYCHOS IN LOVE (1987)

Enough tongue-in-cheekism to make you beg to be killed 

Two serial killing psychos fall in love. Surprise!

This ultra-low budget horror, shot on weekends, and mostly in director Gorman Bechard’s apartment, has the feel of a mid-70’s horror. After all, Carmen Capobianco’s score is horrendously abysmal (curse of the dreaded and ultra-whiney synthesizer), there are more close-ups in this than a hundred movies strung together, the acting is bad, the camera angles are stiff, the film quality is atrocious and the tongue-in-cheekiness grates one’s nerves. Worst still, the homage to Hitchcock’s shower scene in PSYCHO (1960) is embarrassing.

Yes, this is better than most of the low level horrors of Troma fare (sorry, Mr. Kaufman – though TROMEO AND JULIET (1996) still can’t be beat), but PSYCHOS IN LOVE falls short of the true cult classic for this Zucker and Zucker like ilk, STUDENT BODIES (1981). Yes, one must have a special love for films like these, and it’s usually those that prefer bad, low-brow comedy combined with some fun-laced gore.

Regardless, the movie does have its moments, especially when Joe (Carmen Capobianco) and Kate (Debi Thibeault of ASSAULT OF THE KILLER BIMBOS (1988) fame), indulge in their black-and-white commentaries.

And yes, it is supposed to be fun and over-the-top, but there’s nothing for the audience to walk away with except for a couple of one-liners that have been told one time to many. In fact, timing was the problem with this entire movie. Quite often, there seemed to be a delay before action ensued – almost as if the actor hesitated on purpose as if waiting for a queue to move. In that regard, Bechard should have let someone else edit because if the pace had kicked in a notch, this could have worked so much better.

Still, PSYCHOS has its cult appeal and the movie is worth watching for those who enjoy mindless, micro-budget nonsense. But I’m one and done.

1.5 out of 5 stars

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