THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Greg Palko

The Last Knock

Greg Palko’s a graphic designer and art director with a different way of looking at the world – horror or otherwise. To learn why his movie posters, book covers, flyers, and more, stand out, listen in from his hidden horror homestead at an undisclosed New Jersey location – which is a horror museum for certain! And you’ll find out what it means to be “Palko-ed”!

Don’t forget to connect with Greg Palko whether you need some killer art or not. You’ll find him on Twitter and at his engaging website, Palko Designs.

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BONUS! Here’s one of Palko’s most recent pieces:

4 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Greg Palko”

  1. Fantastic chat!
    Our good friend, Greg Palko, crushes every piece of art he does. The book covers he has crafted for me are not only 1st Place award winners, they are each unique and killer! He is the easiest, most-accomodating person to work with that you’ll find. The young man has an innate artistic vision far beyond that of other artists.
    Bill, you’re absolutley correct, Greg’s works have that rare ingredient, atmosphere and I’d add it’s combined with a uniqueness that is signature, Greg Palko.
    I’d love to see him doing new posters of horror remakes. In fact, I’d guarantee the masses would flock to the films, mesmerized by the artwork by Palko.
    It’s almost impossible for me to convey how much I admire the man as well as his art. He has that very elusive “it” and anyone can see this in his art from a light year away.
    As you, I, and a select few fortunate others know, to be #palkoed (visually implanted within an ultra-unique Palko work of art) is a huge honor and a priviledge.
    For some odd reason, like Greg, I had a minor HUNGER, nothing near a full-blown craving, for the cat man, Joanny.
    The interview was great!!!
    Greg, here’s a Polish poster of ALIEN.

    1. Ron, thank you so very much for your kind words about the chat, and I couldn’t agree more regarding your comments about Greg. I love the man! And love you too, of course.

      As for the Polish Alien movie poster, that’s the one I sent Greg as well. I want to buy the poster but mint condition runs about $200.

        1. That looks cool, but I’m not a fan of that movie. I wrote a six-page review of that monstrosity and ripped it to shreds bit by bit – like an the alien would do to a human.

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