The Last Knock

It’s another Horror Double-header: Jack Goes Home and Train to Busan. We’re sure you’ve heard of the latter, but poor Jack hasn’t gotten his due. We’ll give you the low down, the high points, and more as we discuss this offbeat pair from a heady psychological horror to a zombie disaster on a KTX. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the train ride to Busan with Jack as your passenger. No tickets necessary – but don’t even think of jumping for it because we’re crushing it at 187 mph (300 kph).

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4 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: JACK GOES HOME on the TRAIN TO BUSAN”

  1. TRAIN TO BUSAN sounds and looks very interesting. I especially liked the variety of extended trailers available at YouTube for it.
    In JACK GOES HOME, he mentions living (working) in LA.
    As I often do when listening to your show, I was launched to YT looking for TTB or JGH. I found JGH for free and watched it. The ambiguities (and there were quite a few) during the last fifteen or twenty minutes of this film were too much. You could easily discern that nothing or at least very little in the film was “real” once Jack arrived home, and if Jack killed the family dog, he’s dead to me. It was also very weird to see Jack, who is eagerly awaiting the birth of his child, sleeping with everyone in the film excpet the lady who had missed the funeral and brought over the sunflowers. In short, it was too much of a huge mess in my opinion, but it has attached itself to my brain like a horrid case of bronchitis mucus to my esophagus. I’m unable to hock the JACK GOES HOME loogies. I’d give it 3 Pedes.
    Jonny, your laughter is always the plump juicy cherry atop Bill’s triple-decker banana split SCREAM OUT!
    Lin Shaye was at her absolute best in… DETROIT ROCK CITY with KISS!

    1. Yow! Another killer response, my friend.

      If one looks back at the odd beginning to JGH, one could say he’s writing a story at work. Then again, maybe he just had a breakdown because of the demise of his family and can’t move beyond that.

      I definitely need to watch it two or three more times to unearth some clues.

      Have a great one, Ron – and now I want a banana split!

      1. Ron/Bill: I was thinking the same thing with Jack’s experience being the inflated product of his literary imagination – there’s even a flash-cut early on where something he says overlaps with something his mother says (I think?), and it’s from the piece he’s typing at work at the beginning. But if the film was a mess, I thought it was a mess worthy of consideration…not a mess in the vein of Shyamalan’s SPLIT, but there I go again…

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