THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Movies 2017

The Last Knock


What does 2017 have in store for the horror fan? Well, Billy and Jonny take a look at the year ahead to uncover upcoming macabre movies from The Blackcoats Daughter and XX to Psychopaths and Rock, Paper, Dead. But wait! There’s more! The year will bring many a sequel as well as remakes, and we’ll look at them today.

Billy apologizes for the occasional cough and for feeling a bit out of it – thanks to the damn flu. But the show must go on, and Billy’s happy he wasn’t patient zero for the zombie virus.

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Don’t forget to weigh in with your comments. Billy and Jonny love to respond because they don’t get out much – unless it’s keeping the zombie hordes at bay, or Michael Bay, or BAE. Whatever.

15 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Movies 2017”

  1. It’s sounding like 2017’s horror prognosis is rather weak. The growing number of redos and sequels are no guaranteed cure for Amber’s horror Jonesin’, and M. Night Shabalammadingdongdingding’s latest dip into multiple personality disorder sounds a mite cheeset with a string attached, pulling us into another of his hohum of a yawn snares. Like The Who, we won’t be fooled again.
    As for you boo who who two, your safety pins are in the mail.
    Neat show.

  2. Enjoyed this show, and am adding to my ever growing to-see list, with SPLIT being among them – I’ll give M. Night another shot.
    Hope you are feeling much better, Crash, and glad you won’t be joining the Zombie Legion.
    Thanks for another fine show you guys, and see you next show!

    1. Thanks, Guy – glad you enjoyed. I was considering seeing SPLIT this past weekend, but joined the zombie legion of the new RESIDENT EVIL instead.

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