THE LAST KNOCK presents: Relocation Horror

The Last Knock

“Moving sucks,” seems to be the cry from those who must pick up all the crap in their lives and relocate. There are services to halt, houses to sell, boxes to pack, and on and on. The turmoil of uprooting and replanting can seem like an endless nightmare.

For the horror genre, those who move often find themselves in precarious positions because that new home, that new locale, may not be what it seems. There’s usually something else in that new abode that awaits fresh souls for taking. So before you pack up and move to that new place with great expectations, listen to this episode and think twice…

And supernatural forces may not have been pleased about this topic. During the recording a number of bizarre interruptions took place, and we hope you forgive any technical hiccups from the Great Beyond.

This show is dedicated to the phenomenal man, writer, editor, and director, Don Riemer of Airworthy. He came up with the relocation idea because of Billy Crash’s cross country move. We can’t thank him enough. And if you need an amazing editor for your film, you can never go wrong with Don – and that’s a Billy Crash guarantee.

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Don’t forget to weigh in with your comments. Billy and Jonny love to respond because they don’t get out much – unless it’s keeping the zombie hordes at bay, or Michael Bay, or BAE. Whatever.

4 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Relocation Horror”

  1. Despite the few gremlins on Jonny’s end, this topic suggested by Don Riemer was a most interesting one.
    For me, SPRING with Nadia (maybe because of her) sprung to the top of the list you guys mentioned, but there were many other excellent reasons that catipulted this one into “drone air.” I was disappointed to see it ranked below a 7 at IMDb. Oh hell and well! Jonny, you could well be Marhtin… with an h, just sayin’.
    With a mind muddled by a winter scrunge, I can only think of one or two classics you failed to mention, but I think I believe I know why. If that wasn’t enough I’s have another, I that is.
    THE LOST BOYS – that internationally-acclaimed, comic-centric, horrorendous film with killer music, hot ladies, hunky guys, nerdy teens, groovy grandpa and his equally groovy dog, misfit vampire hunters (Frog Bros) selling cool comics by day and zappin’ vamps by night (maybe by day this one time) was thoroughly enjoyable once your ass was firmly seated with yo tub-o-corn crispy, warm and buttered to perfection, liquid refreshment’s top duly popped (brought into the theater) and all is well comfy within the caverness, flickering darkitude, once your brain had been left with the hatcheck girl out front. In short, Amber and I enjoyed TLB.
    THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, once again killed due mainly to HOT actors (I say actors only to placate Amber who demanded with physical abuse threats that the K. Reeves cat be included in this group). I know it was too predictable and it sucked the life blood from many films before it like ROSEMARY’S BABY, etc,, but the same conditions described above apply. But M ember Berries to hold on to your Brain Check ticket because after this one, I didn’t and have been feeling a lot more ABnormal brainless since, and I’m surely no young FrankenShaw!.
    Neat show!

    1. THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE! Dammit. And THE LOST BOYS has one of the best final lines in all of horror.

      Double rats!

      Great call, Ron! Thanks so much for listening in, my friend!

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