THE LAST KNOCK presents: Sad Clowns

The Last KnockWe’re talking about those horror films that take the image of the happy go lucky clown and turn it into something terrifying – unless you suffer from coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns. So consider your fear exploited! We take a look at Stitches, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Drive Thru, The Last Circus, and the recent film, Clown.

Regardless of your fears, this show is dedicated to the Clown Prince of Horror: the amazing Bleeding Critic! He will take your breath away – and never give it back! Check out his excellent interactive website!

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21 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Sad Clowns”

    1. Based on yours, Bill’s, and the rest of the horror community’s feelings on KK, I probably will re-watch it at some point. I actually remember that scene, though – pretty innovative stuff!

      1. Jon, Amber thinks it rocks, and I tend to respect her horror palate, most of the time. But as far as Ambo and horror are concerned there’s nothing beneath or beyond the cosmos remotely resembling an envelope to punch much less push.

    2. Isaac, that was killer, and it sort of reminded me of KK horror hijinks when ASH vs EVIL DEAD used the evil hand puppet, “Ashy Slashy”, in the last couple of episodes. That little guy stole the show. His demise was also classic horror/comedy stuff.

  1. I kinda find female Clowns Hot actually. I saw a Playboy vid as teen where a model named Ashley Rea was a Clown who couldn’t talk but somehow she hooked up w/ the dude & she had to be very animated & use her face and smile a lot to convey stuff- it was VERY Sweet…and then she got Naked & even w/ the clown face & wild hair still very feminine.

  2. Bleeding Critic is still the scariest Clown i know but from film I would have to say that Stephen King’s IT still holds top spot for me and I am looking forward to seeing what they create with the new version.

    1. My hope is that they go back to the book – which had such a dense plot and so many characters – instead of just remaking the miniseries. There’s so much more of Derry to explore! But the first part of IT is definitely my most anticipated film of 2017.

        1. That’s setting the bar pretty high, but I think you’re right on – for as well-loved as the book (and miniseries) is, my hope is that they won’t screw it up.

          Have you seen DON’T BREATHE yet? It’s from the same director as EVIL DEAD 2013.

  3. I’m with Jilly G., Bleeding Critic is the creepimaster Clown, occupying reality’s center ring.
    Hands down, THE Joker, as played by HL, is the best “clown” on film ever… and I do mean ever. It was the role he was born to play.
    John L. was fantastic in SPAWN and every other frigging film, movie, stand-up act,TV shows, and reading of the dictionary he does. His one man comedy “plays” are brilliant.
    IT’s Pennywise is a distant second to Joker only because of the innocent kids connection. I’m with Bill about SK’s IT. A wordy novella would have sufficed, and foregoing the last 15 minutes of the series is being way to kind. I’d suggest at least the last 30 to 45 minutes are unworthy. Jon, 1100 pages? More than once? Dude, “you don’t get out much do you, Snot Rag.”
    Billy “Crash”, your SCREAM OUT is way too cool and greatly appreciated. Jonny Numb your LAUGH OUT is as awlays muchly Whale-received and heartfelt. Finally, I’ve dediuced what it implies.
    Halfway through listening to your show, I muted you clowns, swinging over to STITCHES on YouTube, watching it for the second time. I think he is my daddy. I finished your do this evening.
    Colorful show!

    1. Thanks as always for your wry insights, Ron!

      Leguizamo does tend to do great things with every role he’s given – for as divisive as LAND OF THE DEAD was, I always thought his performance in that was the one that most showed his dramatic range.

      And you know me: cats and a book longer than “War and Peace” is my idea of Heaven on Earth.

    2. That bat shot rocks!

      But, now I want to make movie called SON OF STITCHES starring Ron “Gizmo” Shaw. With the tagline: “We said ‘Son of Stitches’ not Sonuvbitches!”

      In the story, Son of Stitches goes on a rampage as he hunts down the kids of the kids who killed his papa. However, one squirt realizes that the mad clown can be swayed by barbecue…

  4. The red-headed actor who played Joker in GOTHAM (also of SHAMELESS) seemed to try too hard to mimic and possibly, out perform HL’s BATMAN Joker. My family and I thought he failed rather miserably at it. Such uniqueness and perfection of or in a role stand alone if for no other reason than rarity.

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