THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Cat LaCohie

The Last KnockCat LaCohie (aka Vixen DeVille) is not just a horror actress, she’s a model, confidence builder, life enhancer, soul influencer, and a burlesque dancer – to name but a few of her many intrinsic talents. Direct from London and currently residing in Los Angeles, Cat’s devoted to helping men and women of all ages and sizes feel fabulous, beautiful, confident, and happy – dammit. We discuss everything from acting and horror, to burlesque and feeling fantastic, and more, of course. Enjoy!

Visit this extraordinary woman at her Cat LaCohie site, her Vixen DeVille site, and don’t forget her phenomenal Burlesque, Body Confidence, and Self-Imagery Discovery Experience – its value cannot be measured.


(Photo via Cat LaCohie.)

2 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Cat LaCohie”

  1. Bill and Cat, that was a fantastic show!
    It was such fun listening to Cat. Her laughter and exuberance has to be infectious. Bill, you’re a lucky man.
    It was also most interesting to visit all of your guest’s sites at Facebook, clicking through all of the photos, watching the videos of her performances. She’s such a multi-talented lady.
    Excellent interview. Great stuff, you two!

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