THE LAST KNOCK presents: Our 200th Episode + 4!

The Last KnockHoly Hell! It’s our 200th episode! Um… plus four.

In this special episode, we take on killer questions from four fantastic writers: Kim McDonald, Randy Brzoska, Ron Shaw, and Isaac Thorne. Oh, and we go a little nuts with bad jokes, crazed laughter, and screwed up singing. But at the crux of it all is horror, horror, and more horror.

This episode’s SCREAM OUTS from Twitter: 

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6 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Our 200th Episode + 4!”

  1. My God! Y’all suck!!
    Jonny’s h-lite ass is mine. Just wait. Oops, scratch that and replace ‘ass’ with ‘Numb-butt’. Before my visit, I’m swinging by Palko’s, bringing him with, a brief stop for a laugh and rumble with laughin’ boy JN and then, on to Crash’s dormroom on campus.
    Allow me to place you two in your horror movies. Actually, you’re in the same movie. Billy Crash, you’re Tor Johnson as Inspector Clay and Jonny Numb you have a choice of either Maila Nurmi as Vampira (thin franchise here) or Edward M. Wood, Jr. Your pick. Oh, and expect to be offed in some grand fashion. J & B, you can still return because after all you’re both… walikng dead. Which remnds me, I need a snoot on the rocks.
    Despite sucking, great show youse two!

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