THE LAST KNOCK presents: Dead on Arrival: Halloween

The Last Knock

Happy Halloween! Hey…

“Wait a minute, you’re saying John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic is overrated?!”

Yup. We take a look at Carpenter’s renowned Halloween film that launched Jamie Lee Curtis’s career, helped solidify the writer/director as a burgeoning horror icon, and added another bloody feather to the amazing cinematographer, Dean Cundey’s cap. Now, don’t think we’re stabbing you in the heart – or stomach – because we both have a ton of creepy love for The Thing, Prince of Darkness, and more from the master of the macabre. Yet, just because Halloween‘s loved by many doesn’t mean it’s free of scrutiny – or flaws.

Join us as we go beneath the William Shatner mask of Michael Myers to find out what’s wrong…

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