THE LAST KNOCK presents: Physical Media

The Last Knock

Physical media = Scary stuff! Okay, Billy Crash did his damnedest to weave horror into this one, but it doesn’t mean Jonny Numb and very special guest, the man from his own magnificent world, Dave K, didn’t have cool things to say about the on-going digital revolution and the recent surge in retro-media. So if you’re a collector of horror DVDs, VHS, or any bloody thing you can hold in your hands (insert your own image!), this show’s for you.

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Check out the Magnificent World of Dave K, follow him on Twitter, and don’t miss his horror and noir art at Finis!


11 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Physical Media”

  1. Great episode and #imho any good videophile has both hard media and cloud cause you never know when the net might go out and as said sites like Netflix gain and lose rights all the time. So at least have your fav’s backed up or on hard media. That and the art work scream for it that is till they stop making the machines

    1. I can’t argue about those backups! And you’re so right about the artwork – though I’m sure anything digital will come with some projected light display some people will think is cool enough. Sigh…

      Thanks so much for listening and for commenting, D!

    2. What Bill said – thanks for the comment & insight! For as much as I like and prefer hard copies of my media, I do take advantage of the digital copy included with most Blu-rays (and a lot of DVDs) these days – this has been really convenient for when I’m away from home and can just watch something on my laptop.

      And like Dave mentioned, I am in a near-constant state of “culling the herd,” getting rid of stuff as the latest acquisitions are brought home…

      1. Agreed and since my last DVD player died I have actually boxed up everything and put into storage with a portable DVD player for those hurricane/end of the world moments. Need to get a vhs deck to transfer the last if those was thinking of making a yt ch and transfer live while commenting like a mst3000 a thon

  2. Fabulous show!
    Physical media has always been very, very good to me. Knocking about Atlanta in the 50s, 60s, and 70s as young and dumb punk kid was like physical media stuff heaven. Living on the other side of the tracks helped tremendously. We’d pillage and blunder downtown Atlanta for R&B vinyl 45s, 33s, 8-Track tapes, cassette tapes, and those cheap-ass transistor radios. About five blocks from our apartnment there was a jukebox, pinball, and arcade machines business that sold tons of 45s with labels such as SUN and CHESS.
    Amber reminded me the other day that I have about 30 to 40 lazer discs somewhere in this mausoleum filled with hundreds upon hundredes of vinyl, CDs, some classic VHS (like the complete STAR TREK series), 8-Track tapes, tons of books, and DVDs out the whazoo.
    We’ve found most of our treasures at tag sales, estate sales, and area pawn, flea, and antique stores or co-ops. You can’t beat Blue Rays, vinyl records, books, reg. DVDs, and CDs from ten cents to a dollar or two at tag sales.
    To think, Dave K. probably lives within one to six miles from me.
    Like Dave, I also did the ebay thing before pictures and before that I did the open boards selling and buying thing on the Internet without pictures of course.
    Exceptionally neat show guys.

    1. Excellent, Ron! Now, you and Dave K have to meet!

      Enjoy the collection – and I trust you’ll find more remarkable treasure!

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