THE LAST KNOCK presents: Exorcizing Possessions

The Last Knock

As with any other horror sub-genre, tropes abound, and exorcism and possession are no different. How often have we seen the possessed girl or woman bound to a bed to endure torture from demonic forces and patriarchy alike? But we’ll take a closer look at those tales that move beyond copying William Friedkin’s renowned film The Exorcist. Get ready to dive into the bodies (or something like that) of different kinds of possessions and exorcisms, from Session 9 and Oculus, to 1920, The Entity and more. Growling demons and puke fetishists need not apply.

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14 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Exorcizing Possessions”

  1. Feelin’ a mite possessed after this Legion of horor.
    A SCREAM OUT without rolling laughter from the Numb one is like Miss Jones without The Devil In.
    The possession clunkers you covered are truly stinkers. THE ENTITY should have been on the stinker list.
    I understand y’all said you would cover the biggies much, but we did enjoy the Emilie Rose one and the firts one you covered with the religious dude who wanted to debunk possessions only to be, well, you know, found footage.
    Those ANNABELLE films are so bad, and the second oneis even worse..
    I can’t believe you didn’t cover THE PROPHECY. Ambo and I truly dig those films. What’s not to love about a fallen from grace or faithless priest played by Elias Koteas still with Our Father issues, a cast that included the 2nd most notorious fallen angel, Gabriel played by Christopher Walken, blowing his horn, literally, the most wicked and evil Korean officer, snatching and swallowing evil souls from his enemies, the always sexy, sultry and THE HOT SPOT babe, Virginia Madsen as the school mum on the Native American Reservation, the poor, little, Native American girl who’s ‘given’ the soul from Simon the good angel played by Eric Stoltz, the Big D. himself played brilliantly by Viggo Mortensen not to mention but I will anyway Amanda Plummer and Adam Goldberg as recently deceased and probably hellbound minnions of Gabriel and a rather awesome score and oh, yes, the morgue doc played by Steve Hytner. Of course, the first one was the best by far. Lest ye forget, it was also the Native Americans and their mystical juice that excised the demon soul from within the little girl. It was an epic battle between good and evil as D. rips the heart from the loser Gabriel, eats it, and drags his eyeless corpse to hell in the end.
    My demon has been exorcised.
    Excellent show.

    1. Ah, THE PROPHECY. Glad you enjoyed the series, but I was lucky I got through the first one!

      Even so, you are now “Demon Free.” It’s our service for those who leave comments. Now, feel free to frolic and scamper with abandon!

      1. Bill, you’re a connoiseur of fine wine in a world of rotgut films. As RC the GLADIATOR asked “Are you not entertained?”
        Thank you Bill and Jon for the exocising, but it looks like you could have taken a few pounds away with the demonic parasite. I’ll give y’all a pass on the weight thing because my PSA score went down three whole numbers after the banishing.

          1. Greatly appreciated Bill, but I’ve mostly found your shows to be calorie free, lactose tolerant, and suitable for the four v’s; vegans. virgins, vegetarians, and sight-impaired voyeurs.

    2. I have weirdly fond memories of THE PROPHECY, even though I don’t remember much of it. That cast was fantastic for the time (and even now).

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