THE LAST KNOCK presents: Evil Ed(ucation)

The Last Knock

For many, being in school is like running a gauntlet: puberty, acne, rebelliousness, sometimes raging hormones, bullying, confidence issues, and the coming realization that the outside world’s scary, because once one graduates, shit gets real. But nothing ramps up the anxiety like a crazed killer roaming the halls, or an outbreak of disease, or radiation that mutates. We’ll help you survive the rigor mortis of education horror. Now, open your notebooks and write this at the top of the page: School’s in for Autumn, and you’re dead forever!

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4 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Evil Ed(ucation)”

  1. I kept waiting for y’all to mention CARRIE as a faitly good tie-in with GINGER SNAPS. Carrie was almost a premenstral combination of both sisters in GS, but once bitten, Ginger does strut that stuff down the hallway.
    DEAD GIRL is an excellent film but a mind-rape as well. It’s sort of like FEAR THE WALKING DEAD in that it makes the audience pull for the zombie(s).
    There are tons of fine Japanese “school horror” films like TAG RIARU ONIGOKKO and THE HAUNTED SCHOOL, two that I liked very much.
    This was a fun show, talking about your experiences while attending High School and teaching for you, Bill. For me at least, when each of you relate personal stories, the show takes on a whole new character. This one was definitely ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOLish with a horror Twister Game or maybe a game for two of Spin the Bottle… TRUTH OR DARE, BLOOD BEACH on the side!
    As Ash might say, “groovy!”

    1. Thanks so much, Ron! Glad you enjoyed the show.

      Happy to hear you like our commentary regarding our real lives and how it relates to the horror we watch. We aim to please.

      There are so many Asian school horror films, and many I love. Jonny and I may need to do a another episode of this – or maybe three overall.

      School never seems to end…

      Have a great one!

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