THE LAST KNOCK presents: Television Channels Horror at the Movies

The Last Knock

Yes, you read that title right. Many a horror film has included television as a horror device. Sure, there’s the phenomenal Videodrome and The Ring, as well as the much loved original Poltergeist, but have you seen the others on our list? Listen in to get those titles! Beyond that, why should an actual television freak us out and give us the heebie-jeebies? Oh, you’ll have to listen in to find that out too.

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28 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Television Channels Horror at the Movies”

  1. Pavlov’s cat. I like that because if he had chosen a cat to torture like he did P’s dog, the cat would have kicked off in his sadomasochistic experimental ass. If he had used Percy, all teeth and claws, baby! I’d like to thank Jonny for the Pavlov cakle at the mention of my name, usually, the mere sound of it evokes hurlage.
    Sneakily, I must report that in fact, sneakily is a real word, and with this established, WTF! Jonny speaks of his go to comfort horror films… dude, break a loaf, throw down a shot, use the pool. There is Southern Comfort, Comfort Inn, and comfort food, like BBQ. A meal does not 31 make, though, Baskin Robbins 37 Flavors is getting there.
    FUNNY GAMES does piss you off. Eggs, eggs, eggs and they completely crossed the tabu DMZ when they whacked the family dog. Great cast, though.
    Being sneakily gobsmacked by the tube has become the norm with 3.6 million channels at the fingertips of my ladies. Now, that’s a day and night behind the thin screen Poltergeist experience. But STRANGER THINGS have happened.
    Slip this VCR tape into your stomachs for me, rubbbing a little roach powder on my fine tuner, too.
    Greg Palko killz book covers and art period!!
    Rad show!

    1. Now, that’s a rant with substance!

      Like you, any time I see a horror venture where a dog gets killed, I yelp on this end. Of course, 100 human heads in a street with blood everywhere doesn’t make me bat an eye!

      Greg Palko is most certainly the man! Excellent cover, Ron and much success with the novel!

      1. Bill, one might think, those who make horror films or films in general would adopt a “hands off” attitude the towards gratuitous slaughter of animals. It rarely carries the ball towards the goal for me. Of course, there are exceptions to this, like GREEN ROOM, JAWS, KUJO, etc.
        I agree Bill, 100 skulls of human victims receives no yellow flag or for you other football fans, is it a red card?

          1. That is the best image ever. Bill: DRCKC should be your next ScreamFest screenplay submission!

  2. Oh no!! Good Luck at the Periodantist Johnny 🙁 Major Gum ressession and a missed root canal and a tiny jpiece of popcorn shell lead to my major infection. Hope you never ever have to face something like that.

          1. It’s those puckin’ almost popped kernels you think, “WTF I can crunch this”, that do it or the totally unpopped ones, hiding in a handful of blump, crunchy, golden-butter-laced heavenly pieces of duly bucketed perfection that sends us whining to the dentist’s torture chamber or fingering through goo to retrieve that cap made from cheap gold..

    1. Thanks, Jilly – it’s been 2 weeks since the procedure, and I’m recovering nicely. The first 48 hours or so hurt like hell, though. I hope you’ve recovered, as well!

      1. still recovering. They told me it will take quite a few months for the damaged nerve to regenerate itself. So my face is always numb (no pun intended) 24/7. But the healing continues. Glad to hear you are recovering. Tooth pain is some of the worst pain you can ever experience.

        1. So sorry to hear! Nerves are ultra-slow when it comes to regeneration. And you’re so right about tooth pain. It just radiates throughout the body. I only hope you recover quicker than expected!

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