THE LAST KNOCK presents: Felines of Fear

The Last Knock

June is “Adopt a Cat Month,” and with Jonny Numb’s feline, Weiß (his familiar) now THE LAST KNOCK’s horror mascot, we’ve decided to delve into the catnip to discover those TALES OF TERROR featuring a kitty in charge – as they’re apt to do. Besides the obvious CAT PEOPLE films, we’ll leap into many a Stephen King horror, and others you may have missed. We’ll also see how cats are looked upon by their human subjects around the globe, and why felines are such a mainstay in western horror. And if you missed “Hug Your Cat Day” on June 4, you better get on it before kitty consumes you in your sleep and leaves your unsavory remains in the litter box.

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10 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Felines of Fear”

  1. Our well-loved and totally pampered housecat, Percy, caught your show with me tonight. We enjoyed every purr. He said to let you know his favorite actor is ALIEN’S Jonesy. Percy particularly liked it in this film when Jonesy was trying his best to let the crew know when crap was about to hit the walls of the ship. He also loved the scene where ALIEN didn’t know what to make of Jonesy in his case as Jonsey took the big cat posture against ALIEN.
    Percy came to us a kitten, knocking loudly on death’s door. It wasn’t an easy process, but my wife saved him from doom’s clutch.
    It was also a treat to see I’d caught almost all of the films you used on this show.
    I very much liked the Binks (cat) character in HOCUS POCUS.
    Back when I was young, it wasn’t uncommon for adults to fear cats around infants… stealing baby’s breath. I’d think “Crib Death” or Infant Death Syndrome aided in bolstering those fears.
    Harry Chapin’s “cat’s in the craddle…” line infuriated my mother and grandmother.
    Purrrrefct show,

    1. Yes! Cat’s stealing baby’s breath. Dammit! Thanks so much for the reminder. And I’d love to have this THE BLACK CAT poster on my wall!

      My best to you and your family – and tell Percy he’s one cool cat.

      1. There are a few excellent posters for THE BLACK CAT out there.
        I also liked this one.
        Percy has been advised and he thanks you, sir. Our best to you and your lovely family.

    2. Cats – connecting people long before the Internet!

      Thanks for the kind words, Ron. I asked on Twitter, but is Percy named after the one guard in THE GREEN MILE?

      1. Jon, oh, hell no! Percy was named rather quickly as a wee kitten when he started showing signs of recovery. He would purr so much, almost non-stop and loudly that we named him Percy. I know Purrcy might have been prudent but we liked Percy. He’s our son, Amber’s brother, and rightful co-heir to our kingdom.

        1. Awww! I would say Weiss will one day inherit my apartment, but she already acts like she owns the damn place.

          1. Jon, Percy said, “Hell yes! Weiss is supposed to. I do. Hey, old man, that Weiss Numb is pretty fit.”
            Percy’s a horncat… a fixed one who fancies himself from the UK.

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