THE LAST KNOCK presents: Behind the Horror – Cemeteries

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Cemeteries have permeated the horror genre long before film. From Gothic literature to the present, those final resting places (well, maybe) find their way in many a horror feature. We look at the best cemetery based films, from CEMETERY MAN and MORTUARY, to THE GRAVEDANCERS and THE OMEN – plus many other horror favorites, including NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and the PHANTASM series! Don’t miss our tip-toe through the tombstones, as we discuss why they’re so prevalent in western culture, and why they deliver the horror…

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19 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Behind the Horror – Cemeteries”

  1. I love this episode. Thanks for the S/O!

    My favorite Coscarelli film is always, always, always going to be THE BEASTMASTER. It’s got horror (the witches and the weird faceless things with wings), fantasy, Rip Torn sacrificing kids, John Amos wielding a staff, Tanya Roberts skinny dipping… what more can you ask for?

    1. Woah, talk about an out-of-left-field Coscarelli choice, Isaac! I haven’t seen THE BEASTMASTER, but am well aware of its devoted cult following. My favorite films by him are BUBBA HO-TEP and JOHN DIES AT THE END (which I found light-years better than the book).

        1. The first two acts are fantastic. The third doesn’t fall into place quite well, but overall, it’s a thousand times better than the usual crap us cinephiles have to endure.

    2. BEASTMASTER! Isaac, if we were doing a Coscarelli show, that definitely would have been discussed! For me, BUBBA HO-TEP is definitely my favorite of his. However, I’m really looking forward to his upcoming feature, BUBBA NOSFERATU: CURSE OF THE SHE-VAMPIRES. Yes this is a film in development. The script is complete, but Bruce Campbell is not yet attached to the project.

      And you definitely deserved the SCREAM OUT! Thanks and WRITE ON, Isaac!

      1. BUBBA HO-TEP! I actually didn’t know that was a Coscarelli film. It doesn’t supplant THE BEASTMASTER for me, but I definitely need to see that one again. I’ve only seen it once, but I loved it. Had some awesome special features on the disc, too (like the commentary track by “Elvis”). 🙂

        1. It’s amazing what a little more money can do for production value! Now, I have to run out and get the BUBBA Blu-ray.

  2. This one gave me the creeps, But that’s precisely what cemeteries ae supposed to do. Youse dudes nailed this coffin!
    THE GRAVEDANCERS is an awesome film. It has everything Bill spoke of plus it has a contemporary realness feel to it that initially seems innocent enough before the cursed crap starts hitting their fans.
    IMMHO, POLTERGEIST was a yawner, possibly anti-suburbia agenda driven to a slght degree.
    A few films that came to mind as excellent fodder for cemetery night were WARLOCK with the great Julian Sands and equally cool Lori Singer, and Richard E. Grant. The usage of the old Boston cemetery was most creepy, one with a lot of laughs but still in theory frigtening in parts was HOCUS POCUS whose cast was killer. The cemetery scenes were classic, and last but never least the clunker from 1959 by Ed Woods, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. It was amazing what lows could be achieved without a budget, but the movie rocks on to this day with cemetery scenes that had to influence those used in 1988’s BEETLEJUICE.
    Killer show, Jon and Bill.
    Oh, by the by, Amber and I broke down and watched THE HALLOW and here’s how it went… “Old man! Are you asleep over there?” Ambo stammered. Snoringly, after a brief pause to wake a bit, I responded, “No” before going back to sleep. Occasionally, I’d open my eyes to catch more of the forest creatures only to hear Ambo snoring lightly. What a mess of a movie! It should have been entitled WHODAT IS MY FOREST BABY’S DADDY.
    Jon, I hope you recycled… I got a wiff (tat’d be whiff, that and without witout ‘hs’, sort of) of tat garbage truck all the way down in GA.

    1. Funny you mention PLAN 9, Ron…it was on my list! I have fonder memories of Tim Burton’s tribute/biopic on the man, wherein the two cops kick over the cardboard headstones. Great stuff!

      A cameo from Maury Povich to determine which tree in the forest was the baby-daddy would’ve heightened THE HALLOW’s entertainment value immensely.

      1. Johnny, with the ‘h’, Depp killed it in ED WOOD (1994). Always dig classic B & W. How much of an influence do you think Edward D. Wood, Jr. had on Troma Entertainment? Yes, as P.T. Barnum said, we suckers are born every minute or second.
        I found myself saying, “Dammit! Dumbass, go see your neighbor, and put some damn iron between you and those woodsy freaks.” Plenty of butt-kicking would have been excellent. What a huge and stinky mess. I’m so happy it was for free on NF.

    2. Thrilled you enjoy our show, my friend! And your remarks regarding WARLOCK and HOCUS POCUS are spot on! I too was going to bring PLAN 9 into play, but I guess it got lost amongst the tombstones. But thanks for picking up the slack!

      THE HALLOW definitely ended up being quite THE HOLLOW.

      1. In the final analysis, all I can say is what a huge waste of beutiful scenery… and buy a better car next time. Who’s nursin’ all those babies? Iron!

  3. Oh, I forgot. Amber was advised of her wonderful SCREAM OUT, and give praise to your lucky stars she hasn’t figured out Twitter or how to catch your stupendous shows from her iPhone… yet. If and when she does, Kattie will not be able to bar the anti-social media doors because that nut fell from a peach tree.

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