THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature: CONDEMNED and THE HALLOW

The Last Knock

There’s been some buzz about the Irish horror, THE HALLOW, and its mythological tale. Back in the United States, a bizarro group of squatters call an abandoned building home in CONDEMNED. We’ll take a deep look into both horror features to see if they’re worthwhile of your precious time. Oh, and you can hear Billy Crash butcher lyrics to a Misfits tune when he mixes up “Some Kind of Hate” with “Bullet.” And as a sort of bonus, we’ll talk about the horror SOME KIND OF HATE as well.

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13 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature: CONDEMNED and THE HALLOW”

  1. The heads-up on these clunkers is greatly appreciated, but in all fairness, I should’ve known they blew as Amber checked NetFlix at the start of your show and they both were there. NetFlix has become or maybe always has been the place films go to croak, do not pass goal, do not stop at Red Box. But NF does carry a number of killer series, like Peaky Blinders.
    Also, thank you for your gracious SCREAM OUT that has opened my droopy, zero-star eyes. I’ve changed my Twitter name to @SmartAss #KissIt, but I am compelled to defend my GA neighbor, @AFiendOnFilm. He may not be accustomed to SCREAM ATS like this well-seasoned @SmartAss.
    Your hijinx in tandem are always much appreciated… and Jon, you might need to change that litter after that soild-gold-digging session. Why is Jon always laughing when my SO comes? LMfatAO at Jonny Numb’s background “noises.”
    And yes, lest you forget, Velma had it going on!

    1. Hey, Ron! Glad you liked the SCREAM OUT. But don’t worry about Jonny. He’s been possessed by the spirit of Harpo Marx. Dammit, man, we love the hell out of you!

      As for Netflix, I get plenty of great DVDs from there, or stream them. The horror genre, however, is loaded with far too many clunkers, and regardless of where one goes to get movies, the dreck will most certainly be there.

      Velma rocks!

    1. Peter Travers used to have “ghost hosts” – guests who didn’t do a damn thing but hover in the background (Beverly D’Angelo was one of them) – on his show “New Wave Theatre.”

      Therefore, Weiss can be our own ghost host (especially since she’s as white as Casper), or she can be our horror mascot (since she’s already Jonny’s familiar).

      Jonny Numb must make the choice!

      1. I have this image of us selling LAST KNOCK plushies and T-shirts bearing Weiss’s likeness (that’s a lot of S’s) and retiring as podcast millionaires in the next year, so YES, YES!

        I’m just glad she’s stopped attacking my headphones while we record…

  2. So honored to be one of your Scream Outs on your rockin’ podcast! Your Scooby-Doo Ol’ man what’s his name reference cracked me up. I’m going to try to catch Green Room this weekend…..but I have to confess that Jonny giving a film a “Zero” rating kind of makes me want to see Condemned (or was it The Hallow).. 🙂

    1. Ha! That was definitely CONDEMNED, though I found the movie entertaining. But GREEN ROOM is a must – and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

      Thanks so much for listening, Amanda! You rock on every level!

    2. You’re well worth the scream, Amanda! And I will be the first to confess that negative reviews have led me to watch movies for the sheer curiosity value, so I understand the urge… 😉

      Like Bill said, let us know what you think of GREEN ROOM – I saw it a month ago, and its images and sounds still haunt me.

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