THE LAST KNOCK presents: Payback’s a Bitch

The Last Knock

Seems like there’s always that one jerk that can pull a million pranks and never get punched out. But if you indulge in the smallest most innocuous prank, you know you’ve set in motion a war you can never win. Horror cinema sometimes reminds us that if we are going to dish out something that may be embarrassing or lead to anger, we either have to get ready to take it in return or accept the consequences of our actions. We look at prank based horror films of the bad, ugly, and “Karma says you’re screwed” variety. So check out the show before you decide to put a “Honk if you like to kick babies” bumper sticker on your boss’s car.

This episode’s SCREAM OUTS:   Stuart Bedlam   Tammysdragonfly  Melody Jackson  SG Lee Horror   The Lady Phantom   Real Jilly G   Ron Gizmo   Isaac R Thorne   Army Girl 181   A Fiend On Film   Promote Horror   Eric Storyteller   SL Rubi   Human Vs Room   E Ossipov   The Closer Movie   Clarington Film   Viral TNTeam   Carrie Green Book   Israel Finn   Spit Toons Saloon   Yelle Hughes   CJ Zisi   First Scream To   Phoenix Fiery 7   Dixie Fairy   Jessica Jones 85   Amanda Bergloff   RS Brzoska   Oldboys Podcast   Liane Moonraven   JJ Bryhan

17 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Payback’s a Bitch”

  1. I consulted with my fellow, pulled-pork-hot-buttered-soul-laced popcorn, film companion, Amber, the question you posed about APRIL FOOL’S DAY, and here are but a couple of the rubs that scrub some the wrong way. She actually liked this one because they fooled the fool.
    Firstly, more than a few horror film lovers like nothing more than to crunch Texas Pete soaked corn, watching a bunch of swells getting dispatched in a plethora of heinous ways on a huge screen. In AFD, the rich aren’t really killed. In fact, neither gnat nor brat were harmed during the making of this gotcha horror punk. The, doh, yoke, and joke were on the audience. This tended to piss a bunch of viewers off, me included. I felt either violated or yet again, sitting at my desk in the third grade without duds and I am not talking milk here. Dreams are beyond my control, Marilyn Monroe.
    Nextly, nobody who was anybody was in on the pranked deaths, and this adds the spoiled mustard of discontent (just prior to acid reflux) to an already devoured stale, snack-stand-snagged weiner. The kills were awfully eleaborate for a pranking, and who reading this piece would not have murdered someone if placed, hanging upside down with a rattle snake ready to popcorn his face. I’d have kilt that beeatch, rich girl for this. But the horror film lover is supposed to laugh it all off, place their refuse in the proper contaniers, and walk away feeling all giddy about how great this farse was.
    Thirdish, AFD was not a prank gone bad, at all. It was a supposed horror movie gone bad, thusly, pranking the viewer, ripping the maze of sustenence from us, and taking the fizz from our super-sized, fructose-filled sodas of choice.
    That dismal KNOCK KNOCK was a prank piece of horror garbage, sort of.
    The American version of FUNNY GAMES was also kind of a pranky thing.
    At times, in horror, the DMZ between ruse and prank can become blurred.
    Lastly, hogs, if you prank the shank, the BBQ gods will never smile upon your empty tummies again, and that my, nawthun fiends would INDEED be a horror…film at eleven.

    1. “At times, in horror, the DMZ between ruse and prank can become blurred.” No greater truth, Ron. I understand your retort, but I enjoyed AFD from the run-of-the-mill slasher that hijacked 1980’s horror. It was great to experience something different and get a laugh at the end.

      And thanks for the photo of the lovely Pat Priest beside the rockin’ Munster Mobile. Hard to believe that show was only on TV for two years, and like the “Batman” series, as well as “Star Trek”, due to their lack of longevity, earned cult status and new audiences. And to think Miss Priest was the second Marilyn Munster due to Beverly Owen’s departure (she hated the role and left after thirteen episodes to get married to a producer – now that’s horror!).

      1. Considering it was the ‘Horror Dreadful 80’s’ when AFD appeared, I suppose I could retune my thinking on it. Unfortunately, the horror genre in films has its share of stinkers. Maybe, they own a larger piece of the flat pie or possibly not. I don’t know for sure, but we tend to see tons of horror movies. After a while, the spiraling personal cost to keep up with the carnage creates fewer and fewer warm and fuzzies.
        Beverly Owen may have received the golden ring after that brief spin around the carousel..

          1. Hah…Bill, last week, we hit a local humongous AMC theater for the first viewing of GREEN ROOM and alas, for the first time ever, the theater said they had a technical problem with this film and it wasn’t available as advertised. The nice theater lady looked on her sheet of listings at all theaters in our county (that has close to a million folks) for this film. There wasn’t one, that’s right, not another theater in our area had GREEN ROOM… dodged that bullet, going popcornless suximusmaximusprimus.

          2. DAMN! That’s awful! I hope our spoiler free review will get the two of you to take a flight to see GREEN ROOM somewhere. And if you come to eastern Pennsylvania, we’ll have a blast!

          3. Ron, I think there’s a weird energy circulating around the scattered multiplexes screening GR…for more details, listen in tonight.

    2. Totally (obviously) disagree on APRIL FOOL’S DAY, Ron – but we still love you anyway.

      But good call on FUNNY GAMES – that was prankish on a multitude of levels. And KNOCK KNOCK was like a neutered version of that.

      1. Jonny, I’ll food fight for you right to obviously, totally disgree with me at anytime on any subject and especially horror flicks. You and Bill are the experts, not me.
        I’ve never liked punks or being punked. After all, IMHO, being punked is nothing more than taking a bullying with an audience. AFD punked my corn, man, and I was the dupable audience. Like Amber, I still liked the movie, but I did walk a little gingerly for a week or so after viewing it.

  2. Jonny – I wanted to reach through my laptop and strangle you for pranking me with your “last podcast” opener. Awesome intro…and yes, I am in fact, a serial prankster, jsyk. One of the things I like most about listening to TLK podcasts is that I feel like I’m hanging with my buds. You should see me – I talk back to you guys all the time. You would have heard me saying, “You know you have to mention, Carrie” and then you did. Good thing you listened to me through the ethosphere. 😉 Also, even though I never want to see “Graduation Day,” Bill’s description of it had me laughing out lout (and I hate saying LOL, but it was true) You guys are the best! Honored to be part of your Scream Outs. Much love to TLK and my movie buds: Bill and Jonny!

    1. Amanda, we aim to please and we’re so thrilled to have you along for the ride. We love your comments and your support on all levels.

      And I’m glad I’ve saved one person on this planet from seeing GRADUATION DAY. I’m still in therapy because of it!

          1. You know it! And I’d date Sally Field in a heartbeat if I was single – and if she had a thing for bald guys who like to have their heads licked.

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