THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Actress Jessica Calvello

The Last Knock

You may not be familiar with her lovely face, but you definitely know Jessica’s amazing voice. For most English speaking souls who love anime, you’ve heard her as Hange Zoe in the horror/sci-fi Attack On Titan, and most famously as Honey from Cutie Honey, as Excel, and much more – and she’s the voice of Yamato Nadeshiko of the Street Fighter V video game. Do not miss this stellar and engaging interview with one fantastic and delicious soul who has helped bring the spirit and tenacity of anime to many.

Besides anime and cosplay conventions, you can find Jessica on IMDb and Twitter and Facebook.

This episode’s SCREAM OUT to the award-winning director, editor, and writer, Don Riemer, who can be found at Airworthy Productions.

6 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Actress Jessica Calvello”

  1. It was extremely interesting lsitening to Jessica. I don’t get out much or around and hearing about her profession and career was fascinating. She certainly has the voice, enthsiasm, and talent to make the characters she “plays” come alive. It’s also apparent she keeps busy, and that’s the best of things for any of us. She has a most impressive body of work!
    Jessica and Bill, this was an excellent show.
    Jessica receives flowers rather than my usual post-listen humorous, possibly tasteless, bunk and junk

    1. How very kind of you to say, my friend. Jessica is certainly an amazing woman and talent. So glad you enjoyed the show! (Oh, and I love the flowers as well.)

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