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Quirky means strange in a cool way. Thankfully some horror films take this to heart from ERASERHEAD to MAY, and from NIGHT OF THE CREEPS to EXCISION – among others, of course. We take a look at why and how quirkiness works, and what the films add to the horror genre in general. And don’t think being quirky has to do with gut-busting comedy or slapstick. Hell, too bad we hadn’t watched HE NEVER DIED in time.

Now, the show gets off to a quirky start because, for whatever Skype related reason, we catch the phenomenal Jonny Numb mid-sentence. Just remember, it begins with “Quirky”…

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18 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Quirky Horror”

    1. Ha! You got that right, Sister Jilly! Thanks so much to indulging in our mayhem!

      (The closet door has remained closed, by the way. At least for now…)

    2. [grabs bowl of Spaghetti-Os defensively while slowly shaking head]

      In this relationship, Billy has exclusive rights to the orgasm, female and otherwise.

  1. it’s very difficult to operate this camera while eating popcorn and enjoying the festivities, you two odd-balls entertain me like there’s no tomorrow. Now where did the remote go………I think we may need to introduce you to Zoodles Johnny…Just sayin…..

    1. OH! “Jonny Zoodles” would be such a cool name – like a mob character from Bugs Bunny or something.

      You rock like crazy, Jilly!

  2. A most eclectic show, guys. More like the Appalachians, dueling banjo DNA. Holy shit, BatCat! I’ve seen more of these quirky movies than those from any podcast youse guys have done.
    BLACK SHEEP was a riot! What’s not to love about a mutant sheep eating a schlong, GOT, weiner, weiner, weiner style, off? The scenery in this horcom was approaching fantastic.
    RUBBER had Amber and me laughing our asses off at the utter absurdity of the plot combined with the serious acting by some of the cast. It reminded us of when we saw MTV’s NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE on opening day at the theater. It and BLACK SHEEP garnered four WTF’s in a matter of minutes. By the time they were over, we decided a 4 Pede-rating for each might be in order. We love this kind of whackiness.
    The BETH zombie one was excellent.
    That full-sized doll one whigged me out..not torry-ed, but whigged.
    MAY to this day flips my butt out. MAY scares the good cholesterol from my clogged arteries. I think I dated that twisted sistah!
    Apparently, you love these weirdos, too. Your excitement levels were palpable this show.
    Speaking to Jonny, Percy, our stonesless cat, made my latest novelette because I was feeling really bad for neutering the chap. I made him an angel character in my story. He approved.
    No crapping, I think we’ve seen over 50% of the movies y’all spoke about.
    EXCISION stole a kidney from me by osmosis…Jones. You guys are intellectually sic.
    Tell Bill to keep strumming on that banjo….Dickey may be looking on from beyond.

    1. I can’t play a banjo, but I can certainly break one! In any case, I love NAPOLEON DYNAMITE as well, and plan on putting a write in vote for Pedro this November.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show, and can’t thank you enough for listening in as always, my friend. Send my best to your ultra-cool daughter, Amber. Write on, be well, and keep the horror fires burning!

      1. Hah! Pedro would have this old US machine running perfectly. Beforehand, we could make two pinatas for the two goofs running for POTUS.
        I have a film question for you and Jonny, if you don’t mind. Amber dragged my banjo butt to the theater this afternoon to take in the latest comedy, EVERBODY WANTS SOME, by the same dude who did DAZED AND CONFUSED.
        Here’s the question. Have either of you ever, and I do fully mean ever, gone to see a suposed comedy film to find there was not one single funny line or skit in it? That’s right EWS is supposed to be a comedy and it fizzled 100%. Not one fracking laugh in the entire movie… nary ONE! DAC was and is a riot, but man oh man. Amber, who loves comedies, slept through 80% of it, true. If not for the corn and Coke, i would have, too.
        If you guys have had such an experience, I’d like to know the film’s name, regardless of genre.
        Okay, I feel better.

        1. Oh, man! That’s awful. This is why I only see wild films in theatres where big screens add to the experience. Regardless, I failed to laugh during THE WEDDING SINGER. In addition, the horror/comedy from Troma, TERROR FIRMER left my finger glued to the fast forward button.

          Now, eat two bags of popcorn and call me in the morning.

        2. In regard to one of your earlier comments, Ron, I’m glad Percy approved of your characterization. Considering my Weiss had to wear the cone of shame for a week(!) after getting fixed, I should probably do something similar in penance. We’ll see what the future holds…

          In regard to your more immediate question, I am sadly un(under?)-versed in the films of Richard Linklater, though 1996’s “subUrbia” is a favorite of mine…but probably more due to Eric Bogosian’s script and the fantastic cast (Giovanni Ribisi; Steve Zahn; Nicky Katt; Parker Posey). I watched BOYHOOD and really didn’t understand all the raves outside of the “he’s-growing-up-as-the-movie-progresses!” gimmick. So what? I thought Ethan Hawke’s performance was the high point of that one. But anyway, I digress rapidly…

          Laugh-free comedies? One that you and Bill are both championing, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, put my teeth on edge with its contrived, ridiculous “quirkiness.” I did laugh at Pedro’s deadpan speech near the end, but nothing else. Another one that is well-loved by many but I found totally unfunny was FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH…I defer to Roger Ebert’s one-star review of that one, but I did like Ray Walston’s portrayal of a jaded teacher.

          1. You’re right about FAST TIMES, but completely wrong about NAPOLEON, but that’s okay. Another “comedy” that totally sucked for me was WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP, as well as the completely over-rated SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

          2. Jon, I feel your unfunny angst, but once the shock wore off, ND was a riotous funfest. Come on. The whole LaFonda and Kip relationship was a hoot. Their loser uncle was a disaster worthy of ridicule and open laughter. Pedro and Debbie had their funny moments. The ND dance scene was totally laughable. It was an entire cast bursting forth with deadpan humor.
            FTARH also had some stoner humor. Spicoli and Mr. Hand were a funny pair. The pizza delivered in class. The “Aloha Mr. Hand stuff” is classic. The pool scene with the older brother in the bathroom was rather funny, as was his fish and chips uniform stuff. I do think the heaviness of the pregnancy situation was a huge downer, possible raining buckets on the humorous parts.
            I totally agree with Bill on WMCJ. It was a flat hoop ball. But Amber and I very much liked the humor in SOTD in a quirky British humor way. Bill, when Amber was informed of your SOTD comments, she said and I quote, “He shoud be punched in the throat.” Now, that’s funny, too.

          3. Poor little Weiss, all coned-up and kittie’s master talking XXX smack to and about white kitty on TLK.
            My Cat’s Eye is on you, Jonny Numb. You’ll rue the day if you piss Percy off. He’s a true defender of felines around the globe. lol

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