THE LAST KNOCK podcast presents: Interview with Writer and Poet Gillian Anne Gibson

The Last Knock

Gillian Anne Gibson, best known to friends and fans, as Jilly G, visits to discuss her horror poetry and writing, and her photography that evokes one hell of a profound mood. Don’t miss this wonderful discussion with a vibrant spirit who loves to keep it crimson! Besides Jilly’s work, we discuss horror cinema and “The Walking Dead”.

Follow Jilly G on Twitter and don’t forget her enthralling website at Crimson Quintessence. In addition, here’s her novelette, A Crimson Crime in Abernathy.

5 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK podcast presents: Interview with Writer and Poet Gillian Anne Gibson”

  1. Horrortastic show, Jilly and Bill! It’s always a spin-chilling thrill to hear Jilly’s views on life, horror, photography, and writing, and a flesh-eating juxtaposition having Bill’s exuberant, congenial host mastery on display worldwide with the Real Jilly G.
    Zombies? What if a dispatched NON-GLITTERY Vampire came back as a ZomVamp, biting a Werewolf, creating a WolfZom who then, attacked THE THING who became a ZombieThingy from outer space. I’d pay to see that one in IMAX 3D.
    Sheesh…my ladies pine, whine, and purr for Norman, Daryl, or ‘hey, Baby.’ I’ll take Vera Farmiga, thank you very much.
    Excellent show!

    1. Ron, as always, you are THE MAN. Your comments about Jilly are spot on, and I hope you start writing that creature feature right away!

      And Vera Farmiga is hyper-delicious.

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