THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror at the Oscars

The Last Knock

We all know the score: The Oscars hates horror. Why? We’ll tell you, but we’ll also share horror cinema’s triumphs in Tinsel Town, from THE EXORCIST’s multiple nominations to Coppola’s DRACULA’s three wins. And we’ll definitely focus on the Academy’s major misses, from the dramatic horror ROSEMARY’S BABY to ALIEN, JACOB’S LADDER, the problem with Hollywood’s lack of diversity, and what Jonny Numb calls the democratization of cinema.

This episode’s SCREAM OUTS:

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13 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror at the Oscars”

  1. Can’t wait to listen to this one! I’ve always been frustrated with the lack of recognition the horror genre gets from Oscar voters in best picture and acting categories. Will comment after I hear what you have to say CPP. Thanks for the scream out, btw. The Last Knock ROCK!!

  2. An award winning show, guys!
    Jonny sounded like Pee Wee Herman during his second Ruth Gordon schtick.
    The horror genre rarely elevates the human spirit. Its central ingredient, for lack of a better word, is to horrorfy, and this alone dooms the overwhelming majority of films in this genre from “Best Picture” territory. The Academy demands tuna with good taste or cause de jure rather than lip smacking or stomach excavating appeal.
    BLACK SWAN stunk the theater up…sorry, Jonny and Bill but it reeked of tu tu Donkey Kong phooey. Man, please! Both ladies in it rock despite this clunker, but I can clearly see the total crosspver of points garnerd by taking it in, ballet, opera, horror, and asundry mental illnesses from the front row seats to the peanut gallery.
    …and the 2016 Oscar for Sound Effects goes to, Jonny Numb!

    1. Jonny did sound like Pee Wee! Damn. Great point about the downer aspect of horror, but how many gut-wrenching dramas with very unhappy endings have won best picture? HURT LOCKER, AMERICAN BEAUTY, DANCES WITH WOLVES, THE DEER HUNTER, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, and SCHINDLER’S LIST.

      It’s not about a downer, and it’s not about gore – it’s about well constructed stories, and the horror genre has been excluded because many with their noses in the air can’t fathom that such a genre can have merit.

      Sorry you didn’t enjoy BLACK SWAN, but a “clunker”? No way!

      Be well, my friend!

  3. A show that needed to be done. Horror is the Rodney Dangerfield of genres: it “don’t get no respect.” I dare Jonny to do that impersonation on a future show! By the way, thanks for the scream-out, guys!

  4. I FINALLY got to listen to this! I’ve been wanting to for awhile! First: Jonny rocks the Danny Aiello and “Muppet Ruth Gordon” (nod to Bill there) impressions. Second: I so agree that the Academy is out of touch in their membership and lame oversight of horror films. As you said, a good story is a good story in whatever genre it’s written in. Third: With the exception of Ruth Gordon, WHY aren’t more horror-acting performances nominated! Am I right? Fourth: I’ll stop enumerating my points. Fifth: no I won’t…. But seriously: THANKS SO MUCH for the Shout Out in this interesting episode. Your support means so much. Much love, my friends, and keep on talking and sharing with us!!

    1. Ha! Amanda, as always, you are amazing. I’m truly glad you enjoyed the show, enjoyed the SCREAM OUT, and gained much happiness from the voice-stylings of Jonny Numb.

      We don’t get the indifference towards great horror performances either. Hell, Lance Henriksen should have a trophy for his performance in 1991’s THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, but he wasn’t even nominated, and, well, the list goes on. In the end, I guess it comes down to the greatness we see in the performers and their work, not what some silly “Academy” has to say.

      You rock, keep on writing, and thanks so much for your support! Much love!

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