THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Filmmaker David Wilde

The Last Knock

The independent filmmaker, David Wilde (David Paul Baker) returns to the podcast to talk about his “all or nothing” web series, CRIME LORD. We discuss filmmaking, funding, and the fact that DIY films are both rewarding and life draining. Discover what drives David to create in spite of the odds, and why he’s an inspiration to all artists pursuing their goals of leaving an impression.

You can find David at his CRIME LORD site and on Twitter. Here, you can the most up to date information about the CRIME LORD SERIES.

13 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Interview with Filmmaker David Wilde”

  1. Excellent show Bill and David. Like David said, forget a bank. You wouldn’t believe the “unreported” cash on hand at….oops, better stop there.
    On the prowl now, looking for your CRIME LORD web series. Hoping you’ll follow me, too.
    Atlanta is a very friendly film city these days, and from what I’ve been told, you won’t break the bank or your budget fiming in the Big A.
    Neat show!

    1. I hope you enjoy David’s series, Ron. Thanks so much, as always, for listening to the show – or posting this amazing photograph. Let’s go back in time – now!

          1. Excellent idea, Bill…I’d only need a blood-sucking, preapproved agent, a Tom Slick or Heck Finn editor, unscrupulous, pedantic publisher, Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe legal/marketing/advertising firm, a prudish, unprincipled, prick-of-a printer, Union Made In USA manufacturer (no child, foreign, or brain labor), and another 100 bucks to my Ebenezer (no Triple Ghost Feature) Screwge CPA for tealess taxation of another item of mine in print, drinking beer alone, basking in the swampish, mangrove glow of Der Amazon.
            I’m on it.

          2. Yow! Say that ten times fast! Actually, your lawyers look just like my three surgeons: Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, and Dr. Howard. Hmm… Now, I’m scared about that colonoscopy next week!

          3. Bill, as your attorney, I advise you to insist Howard, Fine, and Howard dim the lights and put a little Barry White on for the richest experience…happy dreams. Last year during mine, I had a wild, erotic dream, well worth the Lemmiwinks intrusion.

  2. What a great match of interviewer and guest! I learned a lot listening to you, Bill and David. I liked SCREEN and said so in my review ( ). Haven’t been following CRIME LORD, but only from a lack of time. This podcast reminded me that I need to prioritize it in my YouTube queue. Looking forward to binge-watching all the existing episodes and following along to catch the new ones. Good luck with the crowdfunding, David!

      1. You are loved by many, David – and rightfully so. I’m sorry the crowdfunding campaign had to be abandoned, but you’re not the only one. Another indie film company was also looking for roughly the same amount as you and shut down their Kickstarter in ten days. I think the crowdfunding market for the arts has been waylaid by those who need food, clothing, and shelter. However, I know you’ll soldier on, and if you have any other promotional ideas, please let me know because I will definitely spread the word. CRIME LORD is a fantastic achievement and it deserves much recognition.

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