THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature: DEATHGASM and BONE TOMAHAWK

The Last Knock

Besides the horror genre, what do DEATHGASM and BONE TOMAHAWK have in common? Nothing, dammit (except low budgets). But we love the dichotomy, the contrast, and the juxtaposition between the death metal comedy mayhem of DEATHGASM, and the gut wrenching western power of BONE TOMAHAWK. Find out why these horror films rock — and why they should be on your watch list.

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8 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Double Feature: DEATHGASM and BONE TOMAHAWK”

  1. Tried my dangedest to prewarn youse guys about HATEFUL EIGHT, and quite frankly, y’all pert near kilt the messenger.
    I’m doubling-down with Jonny about BONE TOMAHAWK, but I’d add the slowburn turned into a trek-to-hell-ashen-cannibals-in-loincloth-with-Pan’s flute-embedded-in-their-throats fizzle. It had a surreal, Old Testament feel to it.
    While I’m no expert in posse forming, it would have seemed prudent to amass more guns to seek a relativly unknown bunch of Native Westerners who were able to abscond so easily with several townfolk…the bone-tipped arrow should have been clue enough….just suggestin’.
    Would love to get my hands on that puny amount of pain juice that wiped out several boners so readily. My next knee replacement convalescence could use it.
    Hey, HOMBRE, do you have cannibal bages?…we don’t need no stinkin’ bages. We want your caballos, Gus and Woodrow. I suppose the quaint tribe was tired of Tex-Mex.
    Couldn’t they have used a couple of those femurs laying about and bikini bottoms as a splint and wrapping for that poor guys, at minimum, thrice-fractured leg? Now that was CRAWL OR DIE acting.
    In an effort to inflict a little humor into this comment, have a poem….never mind. Two horrors in one show are filling.
    The new pODD COUPLE!

    1. First: I’m Batman, or Batdog, or whatever…

      BONE TOMAHAWK probably didn’t have a big posse because of a low budget – and this is one of the reasons why the filmmakers hinted that the town was small. (The budget was only $1.8 million when even low level horrors come in at roughly $4 million.)

      And you are a laugh riot, my friend. I’m not sure how your brain works, but I like it. In fact, I have no doubt you can follow in the footsteps of William S. Burroughs and write the next “Naked Lunch.”

      pODD COUPLE. Love it!

      1. OMDeja vu all over again…Amber and I were watching NAKED LUNCH two nights ago. That’s the whackiest movie ever and what a stellar cast!! It’s apparent why it is and was so well recived, deserving of the awards that have been mainlined into it. I’m honored, sir…could you rub a little of that powder on my lips?
        But normally, a small budget does not a Whopper or platter-full of White Castle burgers make (and WC still only serves one size of fries, Baestie Boys…that’d be small), and even I, a fat bug talking through my rear sphincter on roach dust, can see and appreciate BONE TOMAHAWK was an amazing movie in light of such a cannabalistic budget. The cast was incredible. The Mrs. was well-worth saving. I’d have to agree with the cannibals menu choices. I’d have eaten her last. The Sheriff’s second in command did an incredible job. He did steal the show, so to speak. The Dandy Don Indian hater became a little annoying, and he failed to live-up to his own hype. Unlike Timothy Olyphant in A PERFECT GETAWAY Dandy D. was not that hard to kill. That dude from the movie with the big blue weenie weiner was also excellent despite his leg problems. He was LONSEOME DOVE tough. Kirk Russell has achieved ZOMBIELAND “F-ing Bill Murray” status, as far as I’m conecrned. He’s always Snake Plissken great.
        I’ll also give BT another visit.
        What did y’all think about COWBOYS & ALIENS?

        1. Ron, I love the way you serve burgers. On that note, I’m glad you enjoyed Cronenberg’s stellar NAKED LUNCH – the cinematography alone is to die for. If you ever get a chance to read the novel, I’d love your thoughts.

          As always, the bulk of what you write is quotable from “LONESOME DOVE tough” to “Snake Plissken great”. Damn!

          As for COWBOYS AND ALIENS, I have yet to indulge. But I’ll add it to my queue.

          1. Bill, I know of his writing. He’s no Hunter S. Thompson but along a similar path of streaming consciousness only tore up from the typewriter up. I think he should have put down the needle and the bottle while writing, but those were the years of decadence, potpouri drug experimentation, and no boundaries in literature.
            I’d suggest WSB’s prose lacks sobriety whereas HST’s seems to mirror that of an addict through the eyes of one not so wasted when creating.
            I totally agree that Cronenberg’s film is amazing also in the respect it probably greatly enhances WSB’s words. I can understand why some or many see NAKED LUNCH (book) as vile and not worth the read while the film works best for any number of reasons with the cast being one of the strongest.
            I recall reading the book in college and being very impressed with it. But those were days filled with wonder where sunny hours flowed like liberal honey and the nights were even sweeter. Marvelous years of Burgess, Orwell, Kerouac, Thompson, Dickey, Burroughs, Bradbury, O’Connor, Poe and so many more.
            C&A has a few problems, but it was totally entertaining. The CGI almost got in the way of a good Western tale, but to have the Aliens, WestSciFi, you must dance with the devil..

          2. Wonderful, Ron! I read “Naked Lunch” right after Muriel Sparks’s “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”, or what the Chicago Tribune called “a perfect book.” It was a perfect book, and then I indulged in Burroughs’s “Naked Lunch”, what I call “the great anti-book” and I fell in love with that one as well. I love dichotomy and juxtaposition, and reading two amazing works back-to-back that were so diametrically opposed proved to be exhilarating.

            I’ll add COWBOYS AND ALIENS to my list.

            Be well, my friend!

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