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For those of us in the northern United States, The Great White North, and other fantastic lands below the Arctic Circle, it’s winter – and it isn’t pretty. Besides tons of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures – creating real life horror – thanks to climate change, the highs and lows can be quite schizophrenic. However, we explore dark, ice cold, and snow laden horror films, from MY LITTLE EYE, to THE THING, to THE SHINING and more to make you a little bit colder. Oh, and the only schizophrenia you may find is in a horror character, or two, or three…

This episode’s SCREAM OUTS:

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21 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Frozen Horror”

  1. Existentially speaking, SCREAM OUT or SCREAM AT?
    MISERY blew Count Chocula chunks for so many reasons. Could SK be more self-serving and profession-peep-show shallow. The man brings narcissism to an entirley new galaxy and her, sheeesh. “I’m you’re biggest fan! Write me a book. I have to know!” She should have slit the writers throat in the first five minutes and done us all a huge favor. Add to this, the fact the old sheriiff gets blown away once the second he’s on scent. It was as useless and anticlimatic as the old psychic dude in THE SHINNING getting dispatched post haste. Hello! Goodbye!! Oh, well. Oh, hell. Never forget that even Cher has won an Oscar.
    PONTYPOOL is a fabulous horror film and absolutely, Play-ish to a maximum. For me, at least, it also had this visual Orson Welles, “The War of the Worlds” creepy feel of legitimacy thing going for it.
    Wasn’t it strange, yet cleverly portrayed, in the remake of THE THING at the begining of the film when Russell and team go to investigate the other outost, how they were seeing a close replica of how their lives and deaths would go in the end? Nothing lives to escape except THE THING via host. I fear for their replacements.
    Bill, sorry my brother, but I’m all in with the Jon boy about THE SHINNING. Also, if they were housesitting for the winter a four bedroom home I could see the potential for disaster from lack of company, TV, music (radio, 8-Track, CDs, records, etc), but seriousy man, this huge hotel was like four major cities in one building stocked full of food, drink and sweets for months. The ice cream supply alone was worth fighting for. The hedge maze, some call it corn(y), was also quite laughable as far as a deathtrap goes. Was every room in that 3-star hotel haunted…man, please! Actually, the book was no great thing either, IMHO. Yes! I read it, and I’ll never get back those two years.
    Totally enjoyed the vampire movie with the “little” girl. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Clever title as well. The whole barefoot in the snow thing should have been enough warning.
    A couple of classics unmentioned were, GINGER SNAPS BACK: THE BEGINING and ALIVE (which arguably might not fit in the horror hole).
    An honorable mention should have been given to THE ONE-EYED MONSTER…gastly, scifi meets porn, shaking…soiled hands with horror. That antagonist was a…Richard… Shades of Twilight Zone does Dallas.
    Jon, FROZEN was completely laughable…what a perfect opportunity to have a girl slip out of her clothing to help climb down a damned ski lift. Didn’t they ever catch a Bear Grylis survival show? “Oh, gosh darn. I’m feelin’ all existential. We’re stuck up here. Hello, hello? Is there anyone up there?”
    “My dear, let’s get you out of those slightly damp clothes. Oh, crap! My tongue’s stuck to the metal bar!” The dense-duo-dumbasses deserved to die FROZEN deaths.
    Oh, nice show but cold.

    1. Ron, you are on a total roll, my friend! DAMN! I don’t know where to begin – or if I can write anything at all!

      Stephen King certainly has a habit of putting needless shit in his books that usually drag the stories out by an extra 300 pages. I hated “The Shining” so much I wanted the entire Outlook to go up in nuclear fire with everyone in it. But I still love Kubrick’s film.

      But you’re right about the GINGER SNAPS sequel, which actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

      One winter movie to avoid is the George Clooney and Stevern Soderberg produced WIND CHILL starring Emily Blunt. This was so bad when I went to add it to my list with a one-star rating – I suddenly realized I had watched that garbage before!

      1. Bill, way too many of the horror/scifi movies are easily forgotten and that’s a great service.
        In fact, Amber and I caught WITCH tonight at the money pit, AMC theater. Damned, this costly stuff is getting way out of hand, and to add insult to the actionable fleecing, it was a horrid film. Bill, Jon, do not waste one dime or 30 seconds on this atrocity. It had promise as far as the locations and cinematography went, but what a frigging disappointment. This one made the witchless but lame rich BWP look like an Academy Award winning flicker film. At least, the great Harry Houdin was always there before he wasn’t. WITCH sux. I’d give it one of the bottom points of one star.
        To me, the GINGER SNAPS sequel was much better than the first one. Liked the historical aspect of it like RAVENOUS.

          1. Jon, you should read Amber’s take on it over at her wall at Facebook. You should “Friend” her, Amber Shaw, and take up the debate with her. But realize I have no control of her PC-less commentary. In fact, she tossed me out the other day for a brief taste of properly fried Spam. She’s rude, crude, and socially unacceptable which is probably right up your and Bill’s CRAWL OR DIE tale pipes…and yes, before y’all pounce, the use of ‘tale’ was intentional.

  2. Great show! One of my favorite winter horror bits is the BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA (1992) chase scene into the Carpathians, which I can’t imagine being created any better visually or closer to its description in the novel.

    MISERY: went with a nearly inebriated pal to see that when I started college back in the day. The first time Annie (Kathy Bates) lost her shit, my friend stood up and said: “I just lost my buzz!” You’re right about the banter between Kathy Bates and James Caan. I love it when she calls to him through the window and he flips her the middle finger. Her reply: “such a kidder!”

    1. Issac, you’re so right about DRACULA! I enjoyed the comic book essence of the film, and the winter scene did capture that moment in the novel extremely well. Excellent call!

      You know, if Kathy Bates wasn’t in MISERY that movie probably would’ve tanked. As always, she brought that extra special something to the production. And that “such a kidder” scene said so much.

      1. Agreed. She perfectly embodied that character and deserved the award for it. The only thing that’s ever truly bothered me about the film was the clumsiness of some of the dialog (like when she’s explaining “serials/chapter plays/cliffhangers”). Had to be difficult for her to say some of that stuff and stay in character.

        1. Great point. I heard that at the end of MICHAEL CLAYTON, when George Clooney is in the back of the cab, during that looooong take, crew were on saying crazy things into his ear piece to get him laugh, but it didn’t work.

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