THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Cinema’s Best Female Characters

The Last Knock

The horror genre has presented many a fabulous female character, whether good, bad, or somewhere in between. We take a look at ten of the most profound and captivating female characters. Enjoy our list of horror femme fatales, final girls, demons, and steadfast souls!

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35 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Horror Cinema’s Best Female Characters”

  1. Great show once again! I thought Jonny brought up a great and interesting point: while most of the focus is on the female performers and characters (which horror, to it’s credit, actually has a lot of!), most of the movies are directed by men. Perhaps an awesome follow-show would be a focus on women directors in the genre. Clair Denis, Helene Cattete, Marina de Van, Ana Lily Amirpour, Jennifer Kent, Leigh Janiak, the Soskas, etc… So many women working in the genre and we need more! Female perspectives really elevate and help legitimize the genre and female writers and directors are producing some of the most inspired and innovative work right now.

    Also, Bill: Any chance Crawl or Die is coming to Netflix (DVD or streaming) anytime soon? Looks like Amazon or Amazon Prime is the only way to go right now. It sounds amazing. But I really like to screen a movie first before I decide to buy a DVD. And I’m anti-Amazon, so Prime is out.

    1. Thrilled that you enjoyed it, Randy! However, we did the “Female Horror Directors” show for Halloween 2015:

      Maybe in the future, CRAWL OR DIE will appear on Netflix, but not anytime soon. Hopefully, something bigger and better will happen once the sequel’s released.

      1. How did I miss that show? Must listen immediately! In the meantime, I’ll buy a copy of CRAWL OR DIE blind. I figure if you guys liked it that much, it’ll be worth it. Thanks Bill. Keep on rockin’!

          1. Great! Here I’m checking stores and streaming outlets and never thought to check the actual website. Derp! Thank you thank you thank you. Gonna rent this thing now….

  2. Killer show, guys! Excellent choices all around and both of your #1 picks kick major evil horror butt,
    Speaking of frogs, Jonny, I could not agree with you more with our personal preference and an obvious Scream Out to Bill’s initial SO, Greg Palko. Love those reds.
    BTW, Ripley also saved Jones…their resident non-evil cat, and that’s what pissed her off the most. The Alien was pulling a mean witch on her after wiping out her felow crewmates, and “I’ll get your little kitty, too.”
    CRAWL or DIE almost did me in, and if not for her skimpy attire, I would have baled for air about midway through.
    MAY was awesome but that movie, ie, May creeps the Count Coculas slap out of me.
    Ripley (ALIEN), May (MAY), Mary (AMERICAN MARY), Alice (RESIDENT EVIL), Selene (UNDERWORLD), Sarah (TERMINATOR), and Ginny (FRIDAY the 13th 2), now, that’s one helluva Texas Hold ’em group to pick a winning hand from.

          1. Good choices, Ron – I’d say they’re two female characters better than their franchises…

  3. So many great female characters to choose from…You guys had some really interesting ones in your Top 5. I forgot about Margot Kidder in “Black Christmas.” You gave me some great film performances to check out. To JN: You HAVE to see “The Bride of Frankenstein” ASAP!

    1. Thanks, Amanda – I believe I have BRIDE in a Universal Blu-ray set I’ve yet to dive into (so many monsters, so little time)…

  4. Dear Billy and Jonny – I just listened to the show and I am overwhelmed! I am so grateful to be mentioned on your show and to have TANK as Bill’s #2 choice as horror’s best female characters. Thank you both so much for all the support you have shown me and CRAWL OR DIE! I love you both! x

    1. Bill and I are just as overwhelmed by yours and Oklahoma’s support for THE LAST KNOCK – you two are seriously the best cheering section a podcast could ask for, and I’m looking forward to what you both bring us in 2016! Best wishes and much love back to you!

    2. It’s hard to top what Jonny said, but we’re grateful for you and Oklahoma. I know the two of you are busy as hell, but you ALWAYS find the time to connect with supporters, fans, and friends. And Tank’s rank in the top five is so well deserved. You truly rocked that role and gave us a character with depth and humanity. Much love!

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