THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hodgepodge of Horror VII

The Last Knock

Jonny Numb and Billy Crash take a look at a plethora of horror films from the amazing TONY to the lowly INSEMINOID. We also dive into THE GREEN INFERNO and THE VEIL, to MADMAN and FELT. In the meantime, avoid OPEN GRAVES but definitely stop at TRAILER PARK OF TERROR. Oh, and there’s so much more…



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18 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Hodgepodge of Horror VII”

  1. Another great show! I love the hodgepodge eps. Glad to see you finally got around to BONE TOMAHAWK, Bill. I had a feeling you’d like it. And Jon, you finally articulated EXACTLY why I find Eli Roth so disappointing. I could never exactly articulate the nature of his shortcomings. But yeah, he does the exact opposite of what a supposed horror pioneer ought to be doing. I don’t think I ever cataloged the true extent of his unoriginality.

    1. Thanks so much, Randy!

      BONE TOMAHAWK is still stuck in my head (pun intended?). And you’re right about Jonny’s comments regarding Eli Roth.

      Now, get back to finishing that amazing scifi novel of yours – I have to read it soon…

    2. Thanks, Randy – I’ve been struggling with Roth’s films for a while now, and it speaks to something that his best work is a fake trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist…

  2. Speaking of GREEN INFERNO and KNOCK KNOCK, a joke comes to mind thanks to Jonny. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Green. Green who? Green Inferno. Go away. We don’t have any eggs to loan you so you can break the damned things in seconds, and no, you can’t borrow my No. 1 wood or get anywhere near our family dog.
    Guys, there are tuna with good taste and then there are tuna that tastes good. When Amber and I see a good horror film, we recognize it. For instance, FUNNY GAMES (both of them) were excellent movies. MARTYRS…friggin’ brill.
    On a totally different whores-d’oeuvre tray, dudes, Tom Hardy is absolutely on fire! Amber and I watched CHILD 44 today and what a great performance. The movie was excellent. He should win an academy award for this performance, but with that said, his perfromance in THE REVENANT was stellar. His work combined with that of Leonardo DiCaprio is absolute film magic. Both should be nominated for Best Actor for this film, but Tom Hardy could easily snag Best Supporting Actor for his job in THE REVENANT.
    In closing, the Martians have fallen in Hoagy Carmichael STARDUST lust with my book of poems. They’ve invited me up to do a podcast live. I’ve been brushing-up on my Southern Martian drawl. Their books are listed at I opted for their free days program listing.
    In closing deux, AFiendOnFilm has to seriously be very cool because he lives within sneezing distance from me and still won’t play much…great taste.
    William Shatner? A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY, I’m there. BONE TOMAHAWK is at RedBox and the Ambo and I are hitting it next.
    We loved, Amber and I, MST3K!
    REDRUM, my ass. Shine this.

    1. Ron, I love your frenetic brain, my friend! I’m looking forward to hearing how you feel about BONE TOMAHAWK. Indulge and enjoy!

    2. Honestly, Ron – I said what I did just so I could read your rebuttal here. 🙂 To go non-horror (or survival horror, if we want to be honest), I agree with you on THE REVENANT – while Hardy had the “wordier” role, I think he and DiCaprio were on equal footing as hunter and hunted; I found both performances (not to mention those of Will Poulter and Domhnall Gleeson) fantastic.

      1. Jon, the more I think about THE REVENANT, the better it glows, and that’s saying something indeed rare for me. It reminded me of what helped make Charles Dickens one of the best writers in history. He was the master of the perfect opening line in almost all of his works. Seldom do we find a film that has this trait. This one was capable of capturing you, heart, mind, body, and possibly, your soul from the first frames, and they didn’t let you go for the entire film. I have no idea how long the film ran, but it seemed like ten minutes, if that long. This one figuratively grabs you from your comfy environment and dunks your ass in freezing waters with killer currents and a horrible death awaiting at every turn. It was as if Amber and I were trying to survive everything on the screen. THE REVENANT was an incredible cinematic accomplishment, IMHO.
        Another odd thing happened to me in watching TR. The bear was simply an integral part of this world. She had as much right to survive as any of the savages, white and not, in this one. I think Leonardo’s character would agree and also, hold no grudge.
        If this one isn’t a 5 star film, it’s a 4.9 on my list. I considered myself damned lucky to make it out of the theater alive and in one piece. I could lieterally feel the ice, wounds, and snow.

  3. Yes, Jon, you mentioned THE SCRIBBLER! I really enjoyed that film, although (to be fair) Billy Crash is right about its story problems. And I really liked BONE TOMAHAWK – looking forward to your future discussion of that one. Now, I must see TRAILER PARK OF TERROR . . . .

    1. I like to see Billy squirm by going off-genre sometimes. 🙂 I did feel like the direction THE SCRIBBLER went in its last act (the cipher villain pushed into the foreground; the whole superhero aspect) felt forced, but from the standpoint of the visuals, characters, and dialog, I could overlook some of its gaps in logic.

      Man, I REALLY have to see BONE TOMAHAWK now…

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