THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Milestone: THE HUNGER (UK/USA, 1983)

The Last Knock

A different kind of vampire film, THE HUNGER explores love, aging, egocentrism, and much more, with the late, great David Bowie. Directed by Tony Scott, Stephen Goldblatt brought us excellent light and shadow as cinematographer, while Denny Jaeger and Michel Rubini delivered a relentless score of pure horror. The movie also showcases the amazing Catherine Deneuve and the fantastic Susan Sarandon – with a Willem Dafoe cameo. Loaded with tension and a string of thematic undertones, horror fans are rediscovering the film after Bowie’s passing – but this is a cinematic treat that should have been cherished all along…

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15 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Macabre Milestone: THE HUNGER (UK/USA, 1983)”

      1. I’m going to go all Comic-Book-Guy on my own comment and point out that Jolene Blalock was a famous Vulcan, not a famous Borg. Worst. Reference. Ever.

  1. I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t seen this film, but I remember when it came out. I was a year away from seeing “R” films at the time, and I remember there being controversy over the Deneuve/Sarandon thing. I’ll HAVE to see it now, since I’m considerably older than 18. 🙂 Thanks for the Scream Out CPP! LOVE this site!!!

    1. If you like THE HUNGER, also check out DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS and VAMPYRES – both great lesbian vampire films in their own right.

  2. Wow! THE HUNGER is now a main dish to be savored. I’ve not seen it, and thanks toi you blokes, I don’t have to. After this superb and spoiler superfluous show, I think I co-direct it or at least held the boom mic pole.
    Back to sanity for a brief second. This show was a perfect aromatic appetizer, enticing me to drag Amber to the HD flat screen and Bluetooth soundbar for our virginal visual and auditory voyage into THE HUNGER.
    Susan Saradon can own me any old time…day or night. Oh, and for good measure, bring Catherine D. along.

    1. Ron, you are a trip, my friend! Thanks so much for listening, and I hope you love THE HUNGER as much as we do! My best to your awesome daughter.

      1. Bill and Jon, good to hear your opinions on the current state of idiocy at Facebook. That hole keeps getting dryer. It’s nice to see some have taken their shovels and headed to other digs.
        Dudes, since Bowie’s passing, THE HUNGER has been yanked from the ‘free’ sites and it’s hit the bank time to watch this one from 1983. The unholy vultures are feasting…suppose we’ve paid a lot more for much less.
        Amber advised she’s seen it and once is plenty…not enough bloodly fang action to quench her horror thirst.

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