THE LAST KNOCK presents: Loving the Villain

The Last Knock

Why the hell do we love villains in horror films so much – especially when they get a thrill out of killing innocent people? We explore the foundations of villain worship from Freddy Krueger to Pinhead and beyond. Better still, we have decent answers as to why it’s okay to like the bad guy.

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14 Replies to “THE LAST KNOCK presents: Loving the Villain”

  1. Great show. I’ll tell you that nothing ruins a villain for me like when the writers attempt to force the audience to empathize/sympathize. For example, Hannibal Lecter was much more fun before we learned what MADE him what he is.

    1. Isaac, you are so right. The best way to present a villain is to either not provide a boo-hoo backstory, or to create a complex persona where we can do nothing but hate the villain with mad passion.

  2. “But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?” Mark Twain
    Actually guys, that was a most interesting show. Without villians there would be no exorbitant concession prices because there’d be no movie houses or soda pop stands selling liquified corn syrup toxicity or those crummy-lame hot dogless soy bean weiners on stale buns with tiny packages containing enough catsup, ketchup for you…the existensial, kitten-tattoed one, and mustard barely enough to garmish half of a pistachio shell, I don’t relish the dog or thought, or those damned fuqing nachos with all that greasy-ass fake cheese covered in villianous jalapenos that give the assholes in front of us at the villian-filled movie house uncontrollable gas, farting, accompanied with laughter, like his and her bungholes are on fire, barking for any breeze to extinguish the flatulants waffling from eating the damnable nacho crap with baby poo or school bus yellow, geLatinous faux cheese or perish the thought of not paying 12 to 15 bucks each for seats to the charade of a dog movie and pony scored show whose cost pales at the concession robber barrens once they’d totaled your bill with a computer the size of SkyNet and yes, he’ll be back, villian, friend, foe, hero, damned I’m confused…I ask you, where?
    Beelzebub, Satan, the one and onlly true to many, Devil, Scratch, and/or Beetlejuice, yeah, yeah, yeah, NO, are my most feared and sickly loved villians because this ex-but now Hells Angel is the supreme villianous character who infects every other bad guy or gal regardless of their names in the film at hand and that includes Heath’s perfect portrayal of the Joker. After all, villian is just evil spelled and pronounced differently, without an ‘e’ and drop dat ‘a’ and ‘n’ while deep sixin’ that extra ‘l’…dig?
    So, don’t Bogart that Jolt cola, pass the tub-o-corn, shut your pie holes, Bill, swill that tall boy (man, you don’t get out much do you, Tac) you Snooked in, trash those evil nachos, and watch the flick while we still can. NO BUTT MUSIC!
    Neat show, dudettes.

    1. Ron, I think you just embraced the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson with your gonzo rant of coolness.

      But I definitely hear what you’re saying. As for that expensive concession stand trash, that’s the only way movie houses can money to stay afloat (it’s the equivalent of purchasing a T-shirt from your favorite band at a concert). Even so, this is why I hang out at weekday matinees: cheap tickets and but a handful of souls in the theatre – unless a bus pulls up with seniors.

      Be well, my friend, and WRITE ON!

      PS: LOVE that poster!

      1. Bill, many thanks. Must have been something strange in the salad because I’ve been running a low-grade Hunter S. fever for a while.
        Please, use your influence and convince Amber that there is a less costly way to enjoy films at the big house. But these days a packed theater is almost as rare as a villainless horror film. It would appear that even the new STAR WARS went poof iand DDTeets up n a hurry.
        Oh, well, we’ll continue to keep those huge movie houses going by floating loans at their concession stands.
        Peace and out.

  3. I like your discussions of Pinhead as a supernatural villain and Chigurh (from “No Country for Old Men”) as a “real-life” villain. They’re my faves, too — I love/hate them both! Who knew?

  4. The only mention of Freddy Krueger “abusing” kids (no direct pedophile reference) is in 5th or 6th Elm St flick. I find it more interesting him just killing for TEH LULZ – as for why: Who knows 🙂

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